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Style Your Hairs Using Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron and Wand

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Style Your Hairs Using Lunata Cordless Convertible Curling Iron and Wand-GadgetAny

Following a busy schedule these days, most of the women’s don’t get enough time to style up their hairs whenever they are heading out be it for a casual day out, business meeting or a night out with a group of friends. But most of the problems are sorted out with the announcement of the cordless curling Iron and wand which is India’s first travel-friendly and portable hair styler that one may carry it almost everywhere where you are going. This is one of the extraordinary and best innovations till the date solving almost all our hair styling problems that we face in our daily lives while styling our hairs.

Lunata is cord or wire free that means you will face no problem while using it to style your hairs in any way. This automatic hair curler is one of the unique, innovative, stylish, elegant as well as wireless flat irons that allow hair stylers to make a hairstyle of their choice anywhere in a hassle-free manner. These are quite compact in size, therefore they are travel-friendly as you might carry them along with you anywhere you go either in the daily purse you use, your mini travel bag or in a gym bag etc. As they are small in size but yet they are quite powerful that effortlessly style up your hairs in the way that may turn many heads around to have a glimpse of you wherever you go.

This cordless curling iron has a Samsung Lithium-ion battery that can last up to continuous 45 minutes at its highest setting with perfect heat setting before needing a charge. It does not take more than 2 or 3 hours to get fully charge to provide you with a seamless and joyous experience of curling or straightening your hairs. The hair curling wand has 1-inch titanium plates for quick touch-ups post your gym workout and an energy efficient rapid heating element that makes the iron to get instant hot to give your hair a perfect touch up before curling or making any hairstyle in your hairs. It can be used with each type of hairs as it maintains a heat between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in your curling wand ensuring amazing, frizz-free as well as smooth results while styling up your hairs.

This is one of the most unique and best curling irons launched till the date. It is the perfect combination of innovation and technology for women. It is available online at an affordable price. Moreover, the iron comes in great styles and designs. It is available in a range of colour such as rose gold design, white colour making it beautiful, most stylish and functional at the same time giving you the most pleasure while you style your hairs. The automatic hair curler is multi-functional as it could create a variety of hairstyles in less than a minute. It can create straight, curly or wavy styles which are just perfect to carry on any occasion or any party with your closed ones. Although the iron is meant to be a supporting tool for giving a few touch-ups to your hairs but yet it is capable of a full style for almost all types of hairs and structures.

The hairstyle was created keeping in mind the concern of most of the women’s and the struggle they face while styling their hairs. Earlier, no hot irons or wands were there which could work like these flat irons. The creation of this high-tech beauty styling product is exclusively meet the requirements of every female by delivering them the best results. Moreover, these hair curling wands are wireless that makes it perfect to take them along with you on travels too. Unlike other products which are currently available in the market. These are the most preferred choice among women to style up their hairs as they are quite compact in size, stylish as well as elegant, no wires around the device as well as butane free.

This is the first-ever convertible and wireless hair styler and wand which is perfectly designed to style up your hairs in the way you want. The cordless curling iron and wand comes with a clipless, full-size wand that creates loose beachy waves to complement your whole look. Moreover, with this device, you will get an attachable clip that instantly converts the wand into a traditional curling iron to give you tighter and prettier curls. The battery used in the cordless curling iron is also removable allowing users to easily replace it if needed in case if it troubles you while styling your hairs.

Benefits and features of the Lunata automatic hair curler:

The hair curling wand offers a host of benefits and features that help styling your hairs such as:

1) It has a clipless and a full-size wand to create perfect and beach waves to complement with your beautiful look.

2) The clip in the device is removable that enables users to take out and turning your wand into a flat iron to create a perfect hairstyle.

3) It offers two modes i.e. a corded mode for maximum heat and use, and battery-powered mode to use on the go to create a perfect style.

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