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Max Pump 2: Multifunctional electric pump to Enjoy Your Camping and Trip

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Max Pump 2: Multifunctional electric pump to Enjoy Your Camping and Trip-GadgetAny

Nowadays it is quite impossible to find good backpacking gear. It is the only one thing that comes into our mind when we are planning to head for travelling to our favourite destination. Without taking this amazing electric pump our travelling in considered almost incomplete. Then comes into the role, this max air pump that enables one to inflate easily almost everything we carry with us while camping in woods.

But nothing to worry now, as we noticed a recent trend capturing the whole market is Max Pump 2 which is the multifunctional electric pump to make the most of your camping and trip outdoors. Max Pump 2 is a tiny, portable and waterproof air pump which is specifically designed for those individuals who keep a flare to travel outdoors very frequently. Not ideal only for travelling purpose but one might also use this while setting up their minimalist house. It is quite compact and smaller in size similar to a small soda can that weighs less than half a pound and it is so powerful that it can run smoothly on a continual basis just only in a single charge. Isn’t that amazing?

You may use this flextailgear light pump to deflate your larger gear or seal a vacuum travel bag to create more space in your suitcase or your mini travel bag that you carry almost every time you travel. Apart from this, using this one can also use this as a charger to charge your smartphone or any other kind of tech devices you have.

Max air pump can inflate or deflate a standard size airbed in less than four minutes. Beside this, you may also use this to start a fire in your assembled woods to barbeque your favourite dishes, you have to do nothing to get started with this, you just have to put your face closer to the sparks and point your Max Pump 2 at the base of the fire. Max Pump comes with four interchangeable attachments that include larger one for airbeds, pointed ones for swim toys, wide nozzle to quickly inflate your sleeping pads and pillows, and a vacuum nozzle for storage and mini travel bags.

Its portability and small size make it ideal to use it for travelling purpose. This is so small that one may grab and hold it in the palm of a hand and stuff it into the pockets easy to carry it away along. Max air pump is quite durable and can also withstand being dropped from a height of about 6 feet. Charging this electric pump is super easy and convenient via using a micro USB cable.

Max air pump 2 has a host of benefits and features that make it complete. These qualities make this electric pump quite ideal and necessary while travelling. Let’s look into the detail some of its outstanding features and benefits of using this on your next trip.


1) Extremely Powerful:

This electric pump is quite strong and powerful to inflate your air bed in a matter of seconds. The flow rate of this max pump 2 is 300L/min and the pressure it applies is 2100PA, it is powerful enough to inflate or deflate your airbeds as well as sleeping beds within seconds. It can work consistently for a longer duration in just a single charging.

2) Designed for Avid Travellers:

This electric pump has been specially designed for travellers who travel very frequently. It can even charge your smartphone when necessary, thus saving you from the most horrible experience that one may have of losing the battery out of the phone while you are on a camp trip.

3) True Companion for Your Business Trip:

One may also carry this electric pump while heading to a business trip as it saves 50% of the storage space in your bag that makes room for more to pack the additional stuff with you while you are travelling.

4) Must-Have Practical Outdoor Tool:

This max pump is quite ideal to accompany on your travel. Now, you don’t have to worry about putting fire into your woods to cook the delicious dishes as it can provide oxygen for your wood-burning ovens, enabling you to cook your food more easily.

5) Multi-functional:

This electric pump can be adapted to a variety of products, like swimming ring, yoga ball, rubber boat, vacuum bag, air bed and many other small products but also it also works like a mini vacuum cleaner to clean those corners of your room where you can’t reach easily.

6) Runs for a Longer Duration:

Only in a single charging, it can run continuously for hours without getting a breakdown. Using this electric pump, one can inflate 50 swimming rings. 10 air beds, 20 buggy bags at one time after charging it for one time completely to ensure you for a real and carefree journey.

7) Safety Net:

This max pump 2 is quite safe and easy to operate. They can also be used by children without giving any assistance. Meantime, it can also prevent other objects to enter and damage the product.

The above-listed features of max pump 2 make it ideal to carry it with you the next time whenever you plan to head for a camping tour in woods or any hilly areas.

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