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Most Inspiring Travel Yoga Mats for All Time Yogis

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Most Inspiring Travel Yoga Mats for All Time Yogis-GadgetAny

Having the right type of yoga mat is very important for the yogis on the go. They are required for the perfect balance as well as a grip while practising yoga. Whether you are just starting your yoga practice or you are a seasoned yogi, Yoga mats are must-haves to suit all your requirements.

While choosing the best travel yoga mat one should keep in mind certain important things otherwise it would hamper your yoga sessions. Your cotton yoga mat must have a proper thickness so that you may perform your yoga efficiently in the long run without affecting your yoga experience. As, yoga mat which is thicker intends one to exert less pressure on the knees, hands, and feet when going through poses. Regardless of what you want your yoga experience to feel like, a yoga mat should support you in your practice and not cause any trouble that may adversely affect your health.

The Most Beautiful Travel Yoga Mats by Starwater:

Yoga mats by Starwater are beautiful and attractive enough that may induce you to perform yoga even if you are not a yoga person. They are just made to satisfy your soul. The travel yoga mats by Starwater are very indigenously designed keeping in mind all the yogis to perform yoga with full concentration. They make use of sacred imagery and some archetypal symbols to remind you of your sole purpose to get healthy and fitter. These Travel Mats combine consciousness, symbolism and power at the same time. They are also lighter in weight enabling you to carry them anywhere you go. They are designed by making use of premium and luxurious material that is absolutely perfect to practice all styles of yoga.

Travel yoga mats by Starwater offers:

Travel yoga mats by Starwater are loaded with a variety of features and benefits. Have a look below to find out to exciting features. These cotton yoga mats offer almost all the brilliance to the yogis with some extraordinary features like-

1) These travel yoga mats are so lighter in weight that one may easily carry them along wherever and whenever required to perform yoga sessions. They weigh approximately 2 pounds which is next to negligible if it comes to weight.

2) The exercise mat is also easily portable due to its light and compact structure and also they can be folded into a small bundle to be ready to take them on when you are heading to a travel.

3) They are made up of natural tree rubber and microfiber suede that won’t affect your skin if you lie down on it while performing yoga.

4) They are also very grippy, sturdy as well as sweat absorbent that allows performing your yoga moves in a hassle-free manner.

5) They are nicely designed using a super soft and luxurious material to offer you the most comfort.

6) It is pretty suitable for performing all the yoga forms whether indoors or outdoors.

7) These travel yoga mats are also easy to wash as they are machine washable.

8) The yoga mats also have been designed using a fine art quality to invite you for practising yoga sessions.

9) They are quite comfortable and perfect for all time yoga practitioners and solo travellers.

Comes in different packs:

They come in a variety of packs and size like- solo, holiday, friend, happy family, golden bundle, business, deluxe family etc to choose from as per your requirements.

It comes in beautiful Designs:

These travel yoga mats are beautifully designed by using a variety of symbols, textures and colours in a perfect blend. Each element engraved on these yoga mats share some meaning behind it. Each art piece is consciously constructed using mantra and meditation which can help a yoga practitioner more centered and empowered.


Travel yoga mats are a must for the one who is looking forward to carrying on with their passion for performing yoga. While making a selection for cotton exercise mat, one should keep in mind its thickness, the material, the handling as well as its price for choosing the right yoga mat. Apart from this, there are other criteria also which you have to look upon that is it should be of a perfect size to fit you in completely while doing yoga poses. And, also be careful while choosing the colour as choosing the light colour is not so handy and a great idea as it gets dirty soon. The individuals who are health and fitness freaks must have to consider several things while choosing yoga mat for them. They should be such so that you may carry them also whenever and wherever you go so that you don’t need to put a pause on your regular yoga sessions.

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