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11 Unique Ways to Repurpose an Old Phone or Tablet

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Technology is evolving; a new product is on the market every month. The new one is always bigger and better than the old one. Either sell your device before purchasing a new one, or they will remain in your closet, gathering dust. So, here we will inform you what you can do with these older smartphones and tablets even if you buy a new one. Plenty of people have this kind of junk in their homes, and it is always an excellent option to reuse to protect the environment. Here are the things listed that you can do to reuse your your old devices:- 1. An old phone can be a webcam. Usually, phones have a decent camera these days. So, you can recreate your phone's role of responsibility as the new webcam for your computer. Supportive software makes your device work as a webcam and tablet. You can also use their video tools like Zoom, Teams, or skype to quickly access the most popular video calling apps. 2. Make it a budget dashcam. android-dash-cam Dashcams are the best option to save yourself in a car accident; however, they are costly. You can easily cut that cost by mounting your old phone on the dash. Also, you can download apps to make it a complete Dashcam, such as Driver for iOS and Android. There is a possibility of capturing a video while driving. However, you don't need to catch day-to-day travel. So, now there is a strong chance that you will have proof of mishappening on the road. 3. DJ Device Your phone will have a headphone jack despite being an old phone. It makes a great choice to be a DJ device. Either connect it to the speaker at the party or play music in the car. A tablet might have headphones, too, so you can use this to enjoy music at home. 4. Netflix/Streaming video dedicated machine Netflix and Microsoft Tablets tend to stay as new as they are even after a long time. So you can stream all your favorite shows and movies on it even after there is no scope of software up-gradation on that tablet. You will always have your purchased shows and movies on it. You can also use a VLC player to play your videos. 5. Smart Photo frame An old tablet can be repurposed to show your loving moments to your friends and family. And if you want a dedicated weather machine, it can work too. Or you can use it dedicatedly like an intelligent calendar. In my opinion, it will suit the best as a photo frame.  6. The smart home controller that anyone can use smart home controller If you have innovative home products, then you can play around with them. You can wow your guests with multicolor bulbs controlled by your controller. Almost every appliance has an intelligent feature these days. With it, you can manage multiple devices at once. Having a dedicated home controller is a good idea because it is difficult to carry your phone every time and control appliances and lights, so with this, you can do it quickly.  You can keep it in an open space from where it will be accessible to everyone. Anyone can change the settings according to their requirement with a few taps.  7. Universal Remote for Entertainment app Like a smart home controller, you can use it as the universal remote for your TV, speakers, gaming, and streaming devices. Everyone can use it as a remote and operate the TV and other associated appliances. There can be many remotes if you use one dedicated remote for one device. So it will decrease the clutter at your table. You can even download the required app for each appliance, such as the Roku app or Apple TV remote control center tile on iOS and iPadOS. You can even control your Playstation or Xbox with this phone. 8. Use it as Carplay and Android Auto. Carplay and Android Auto You can use your tablet if your car has no multimedia display like car play and Android Auto. You can use it for GPS, music, and other hands-free communications. You can also do the same with a tablet or phone. You will need a table mount for it. 9. Digital Babysitter You can use your spare phone or tablet as a child-safe device. Because it is not brand new, you will never worry about them breaking it or damaging it. In addition, you will get parental controls forever so that you can put restrictions on websites.  10. To Spy on Pets Spy on Pets via mobile There is one more use that can be good. These devices can also make a reliable security camera for your home. You can download Alfred Camera for iOS and Android on both your old and new phone, then place your old phone somewhere you want to spy on. It is a great solution to keep an eye on your pets or children. However, this app charges extra for an HD video and saving video recording. You can get standard quality video access at all times.  11. Be a full-time Beta tester. It is always advised not to download the beta version on your device so you can use your old appliance to experience the beta version. You gain access to a new feature; however, it comes with the price of your phone or tablet might not work again. But you can prevent those risks on your new devices. However, you can experience upcoming features early without risking your primary phone.

By Awanish Kumar

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