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160,000 Tesla Users Are Using Full Self Driving Beta: Report

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At its AI Day presentation, Tesla showed more than just the Optimus robot prototype on Friday night. During Tesla's AI day, Autopilot director Ashok Ellu swamy spoke onstage about the company's Full Self Driving software advancements.  In contrast to the 2,000 users who were using the beta program last year, he stated that there are now 160,000 clients using it. According to Tesla, there have been 35 different FSD software releases overall. The technology will be ready for a global rollout by the end of this year, according to Musk in a Q&A after the presentation.  However, he recognized that there were still regulatory and testing obstacles to be overcome. Tesla Auto Driving mode Following that, Paril Jain, Tesla's tech lead for Autopilot motion planning, demonstrated how FSD has advanced in specific interactions and is now capable of "human-like" decision-making.  For instance, a Tesla can select a trajectory to avoid potential hazards like pedestrians crossing the street when turning left into an intersection. Every Tesla is known to be able to contribute datasets to the models that FSD employs, and now, according to Phil Duan, the engineering manager at Tesla, Tesla will begin creating and processing intricate 3D structures from that data. They claimed that the vehicles also enhance decision-making in various climatic conditions, such as darkness, fog, and rain. Tesla uses its supercomputer to train the company's AI software before delivering the results to customers' vehicles via over-the-air software upgrades. Tesla Auto Driving mode Autopilot, a driver assistance technology, is now a standard feature on all Tesla vehicles. Owners can purchase the Full Self-Driving option for $15,000 more, which Musk has repeatedly claimed will one day give Tesla owners fully autonomous capabilities.  FSD is still a "Level 2" sophisticated driver-assistance system, which means the driver must remain focused on controlling the car while it is moving.

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