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20+ Free PDF Editing Tools Available on This Website: Try It Right Now!

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20+ Free PDF Editing Tools Available on This Website: Try It Right Now!-GadgetAny

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Look no further than iLovePDF.com if you need a PDF service that offers several editing options without requiring an expensive subscription.

This website offers a comprehensive array of capabilities for all your PDF needs, including more than 20 free PDF editing tools. You name it, this website has it.

A Free PDF Editor

Since there are no login requirements on iLovePDF, unlike many other platforms, using its capabilities is quick and simple. In a rush to complete a task for business or an assignment for school? Your time won’t be wasted on lengthy account confirmations by the service.

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Additionally, each tool has a unique web address that you can use to save your preferred features for even quicker access. iLovePDF has you covered for everything from conversions to signature and watermarking.

Let’s examine some of the services this website provides in more detail:

  • Merge PDF: Easily combine numerous files into one document.
  • Add text, shapes, and highlights to your PDF files to easily make the necessary modifications.
  • Apply a pre-made or hand-drawn signature to your PDF files to give them a professional appearance.
  • Rearrange the pages of a PDF file to better suit your needs by using an organizer.
  • Enjoy 100% accuracy while converting PDFs to editable Word documents with the PDF to Word converter.
  • Create presentations from PDF files with ease with PDF to PowerPoint, which is ideal for those last-minute scenarios.
  • Remove password protection from PDF files to provide easy access.

According to the reports, there are several restrictions on the free edition of iLovePDF, including file size caps for each tool and a limited number of signature possibilities.

A subscription, which costs $7 a month or $48 annually, is necessary to use the more sophisticated features and the iLovePDF desktop and mobile apps.

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However, iLovePDF’s free edition can be all you need if you only need straightforward PDF modifications and do not need collaboration capabilities, saving you money.

Editing a Billion PDF Documents

iLovePDF has amassed millions of users from all over the world and has developed a lively community. Since its start, the platform has processed more than 500 million files in 25 different languages.

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iLovePDF released its mobile app in 2017 to better serve mobile customers, making its capabilities available for mobile editing.

They continued their growth in 2018 by releasing the iLovePDF Desktop application, which enables the offline processing of private files.

While commercial PDF editors undoubtedly have their advantages, iLovePDF offers a great free alternative for straightforward modifications and straightforward document signatures.

If you need to occasionally modify a PDF, whether you are a professional, a student, or someone else, try out iLovePDF for free to see how convenient and simple it is to use.


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