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2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre electric "super coupe" to have 260 miles range

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The 2024 Spectre, an ultra-luxury coupe with an estimated 260 miles of range and a price tag that is likely to make even the wealthiest choke on their tea, is Rolls-first Royce's all-electric vehicle.  The Spectre is anticipated to start shipping to customers in late 2023, for those who can afford it. The Rolls-Royce portfolio will become all-electric by 2030, according to the business, and the Spectre is the first step in that direction. That contrasts with the parent firm of the business, BMW, which hasn't said when it plans to switch to selling just electric vehicles.  The Spectre shares several characteristics with other Rolls-Royce luxury coupes, including a tall hood, a slim roofline, and doors without pillars. However, a short look beneath the surface reveals that the Spectre is distinct from the rest of the series by virtue of its lithium-ion battery-powered architecture. 2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre electric Although, this is more of a design statement than a thorough explanation of Spectre's internal combustion engine. The majority of the pertinent specifications, such as range, acceleration, and battery capacity, are still "being improved," according to Rolls-Royce, and additional information will become available later. The cost of the Spectre was also kept a secret by Rolls-Royce, but the company did clarify that it would fall between the prices of the Phantom ($458,000) and the Cullinan SUV ($327,750 starting price).  It makes sense that the Spectre will likely cost less than the Cullinan given the escalating cost of battery components and the overall costs involved in creating a brand-new vehicle. The digital platform that will power the Spectre's interior, according to Rolls-Royce, is the "most connected" in the company's history.  2024 Rolls-Royce Spectre electric In order to make sure the Spectre can react to data points relating to "temperature, ground speed, road type, vehicle state, and driving style," the automaker's engineers tested the vehicle over 2.5 kilometers of the road (1.5 million miles). The Spectre will compete with another luxury EVs when it debuts for the attention of those automobile customers who have large bank accounts.  Fortunately, Rolls-Royce appears to be well-positioned to enter the market before many of its rivals. After the Spectre is unveiled, other luxury automakers like Aston Martin and Bentley won't have EVs available. Additionally, the degree of overlap between

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