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3 ways to view someone's WhatsApp status anonymously without them knowing

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We enjoy checking our social media feeds and stories to see what our friends and followers are up to. However, there are times when someone, including us, just wants to hide, spy on everything, and go unnoticed. While messaging apps like WhatsApp do allow us to read messages without the blue checkmark, users can still not disable or hide the view receipt for the Status. A particular user will be notified when you check their WhatsApp status and will be aware of your visit. However, there's a way for you to find out someone's status without them ever knowing. We are giving you some tips to stay unnoticed, although you are able to see the status of your contacts without them knowing.

How to secretly view status on WhatsApp?

Disable read receipts.

Read receipts are useful for conversations, as we all know, but you can also use them to find out someone's status without telling them. Toggle the "Read receipts" option in Settings > then click on Account > after that tap Privacy to achieve this. You will also be unable to see who has viewed your WhatsApp status as a result of this. [caption id="attachment_62306" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]WhatsApp WhatsApp[/caption]

Go offline or read in incognito mode.

When using WhatsApp on a desktop computer, going into incognito mode will allow you to view someone's status without alerting them. You only need to use incognito mode to access WhatsApp on the web. The other option is to simply turn off or disconnect your mobile device from Wi-Fi. You can check the contact's status while your device is offline without telling them. Also Read: Hide Your WhatsApp Online Status From Now! Feature To Launch Soon

Using the File Manager (Android).

In a secret location on your device, the WhatsApp files are kept. You can view the contact's WhatsApp status without telling them by gaining access to them. Simply follow the instructions to do so. To access WhatsApp media, go to File Manager > Internal Storage. Then click the "Statuses" folder to open. You can view pictures or videos that contacts on WhatsApp have shared in this folder. The other person won't know that you have seen their status because you aren't opening status directly from WhatsApp.

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