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3D-printed sports helmets made by Bauer will have a perfect and customized fit

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Image: EOS Every person has a distinct identity. Nobody's fingerprints are identical to anyone else's. With regard to our helmet, the same is true. With the aid of 3D printing technology, Bauer will create specialized helmet gear to provide the best fit for each individual. The manufacturer of hockey equipment, Bauer, is working on a brand-new and original project: making a customized helmet. Hockey requires a lot of specialized equipment in order to play safely on an ice surface, so whether or not a player enjoys the sport often depends on how comfortable they feel in their gear. Hockey helmets are always a big factor in performing well on the field. Skates have laces and straps that make it simple to adjust them for comfort while still maintaining a secure fit. Hockey helmet selection can often be limited, and there aren't many options for adjusting the foam liners that actually cushion the wearer's head. Users need to find a helmet that fits their head size and shape as closely as possible. A poorly fitting helmet won't feel any more comfortable even if the chin strap is tightened to prevent it from falling off. [caption id="attachment_99496" align="alignright" width="965"]Smart Helmet Image: EOS[/caption] Bauer has partnered with EOS, which you may recall as the company that used cutting-edge 3D printing techniques to realize Wilson's dream of an airless basketball, to create the all-new MyBauer program, which enables hockey players to customize the look and feel of equipment like sticks and goalie pads. Instead of making a hockey helmet that never flattens, the idea was to make one with cushioning inserts that are sized and shaped to perfectly fit the head of a particular user. It wasn't impossible before the invention of 3D printing. But making custom-shaped foam would have taken a lot of time and effort, and making a perfectly fitting helmet was a very daunting task. But now Bauer can offer it to almost anyone willing to sit for a few minutes so a laser scanner can create a 3D digital model of their head. Selective Laser Sintering, a process in which a 3D printer uses a potent laser to burn a powdered polymer into a solid structure layer by layer, is used to create the custom insert using that model. The customized helmet insert ultimately has a complex lattice structure, similar to Wilson's airless basketball, which makes it as flexible as foam but much lighter and more breathable. While not as affordable yet, it is superior to foam in many ways. A few hundred dollars more expensive than Bauer's standard adjustable helmets, the custom 3D-printed helmet costs $478.

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