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3inuS Rolls out the Revolutionary Mechanical Keyboard – KEBOHUB EE01

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Image credit : Joe Lam The KEBOHUB EE01's small 87-key layout saves even more room and is ideal for individuals who need to type quickly. A built-in hub with five ports, including one USB-C port, three USB-A ports, and one HDMI connector, is also included with the keyboard.


For individuals who need to multitask at work, this makes it convenient to connect many devices at once, making it simpler to take use of the amazing multi-screen arrangement. The KEBOHUB EE01 extends your workspace by enabling you to connect a larger second monitor with a higher quality thanks to the HDMI 2.0 port. By supporting 2K, 1080P, and 720P displays, you can avoid the hassle of trying to edit text on a little iPad and improve your visual experience.

Lightning-fast data transfer

With a maximum data transfer speed of 5Gbps, the KEBOHUB EE01 can transport 1GB of data in under 5 seconds. This is especially helpful for people who need quick and effective data transfer between numerous devices.

Rich RGB lighting

[caption id="attachment_142988" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]KEBOHUB EE01 keyboard Image credit : Julie Strietelmeier (YouTube)[/caption] The 18 RGB lighting effects on the keyboard, like "Flowers blossom" and "Snowy spring," up the ante on your typing experience. You may customize your keyboard's backlight by changing the color of each key to match your tastes and mood, as well as the brightness, speed, and direction of the light.

Built to last longer

The KEBOHUB EE01 was built to last and can withstand up to 70 million keystrokes, far more than conventional keyboards. The hot-swappable switches make it simple to change the switches without having to replace or disassemble the entire keyboard, and the double-shot keycaps guarantee that the letters won't deteriorate over time.

Charge your devices endlessly

The KEBOHUB EE01's ability to charge various gadgets, including phones, desktop fans, and power banks, is one of its most amazing capabilities. This guarantees continuous productivity at the workplace.

Compatible With Mac & Windows

[caption id="attachment_142993" align="aligncenter" width="1280"]KEBOHUB EE01 keyboard Image credit : SoMuch Tech[/caption] Both Mac and Windows users will benefit from the KEBOHUB EE01. Because it works with both operating systems, you can use it regardless of the computer you're using. Moreover, it has keycaps for both Windows and Mac operating systems for simple replacement.


From April 4 through May 4, the KEBOHUB EE01 is now offered on Kickstarter for just $84, a 40% discount off the anticipated retail price. This amazing deal comes with a keyboard as well as an additional set of grey keycaps, four more Windows keycaps, four additional equivalent switches, a key puller, and a switch puller.


Size 353.5x124x44 cm
Weight 788g
No. of keys 87
Connection mode Wired
Ports USB-C*1, USB-A*3, HDMI*1
Shell material PC

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