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4 things to consider to set up iPhone or iPad for Senior Citizens

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It may be more difficult to give an iPhone or iPad to an elderly relative. They may not be fully tech-savvy and may require assistance in setting them up. Here are a few things you should consider before gifting an iPhone to someone who is older than you.

Setup phone for a senior citizen

Create an Apple ID for them.

An Apple ID is required for all Apple products. It's essentially the key to everything in Apple's walled garden. If you're giving an iPhone or iPad to an older person who has never used an iPhone, iPad, or Mac before, it's a good idea to set that up for them ahead of time —with the user credentials. And if you do, keep those details handy in a password manager like 1Password or LastPass. Apple ID If your elderly relative already has an Apple ID, you can use it to access all of their data and downloads. It is recommended to keep this information handy if you haven't already, just in case you need it for any account.

Set up their Wi-Fi connections.

Without some form of data connectivity, an iPhone or iPad is useless. If you give someone an iPhone, it should already be connected to the internet. However, unless you opt for the Wi-Fi+Cellular models, the iPad relies solely on Wi-Fi. If the person to whom you are giving an iPhone or iPad is usually at home, try to set up Wi-Fi for them there ahead of time. And, if they frequently visit someone else's home or a favorite coffee shop, see if you can connect the device to those networks. It takes one thing off their plate and likely saves you a couple of troubleshooting phone calls in the future! font size smartphone

Ensure the text size is increased and use a bold font.

Apple's settings can help elder users read small letters on their devices more easily. The Display & Brightness category of the Settings app contains accessibility settings. You have a total of seven text size and bold text size options.

Reorganize the home screen and add apps

Apple includes its own suite of native apps by default when you purchase a new iPhone or iPad. Delete unnecessary apps to clear up some space on your home screen. They can download their favorite app they want directly from the App Store if they have an Apple ID. The iPhone and iPad can function as magnifying glasses. This is made possible by Apple's Accessibility settings. By zooming in, the Magnifier effectively makes small text easier to read. It's an iOS and iPadOS app that can also be configured as an Accessibility Shortcut.

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