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49 yo tattooed woman tried Hooters uniform – leaves people in awwww...

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A 49 year-old woman with tattoos who tried on a Hooters costume stunned onlookers with how terrific she looked. The women uploaded a video while sporting the recognizable orange pants and white Hooters tank top. TikTok user Janie frequently uploads videos of herself dressed in tiny costume dresses and bikinis to demonstrate that age is not a factor in physical condition and beauty. She often dresses simply and shows off her toned abs and trim body form in social media posts that are geared toward people over 40. [caption id="attachment_56082" align="aligncenter" width="620"]Janie tries old hooters uniform Janie tries old hooters uniform[/caption] Janie elects to dress in a Hooters uniform top and the company's signature shorts in a brief 5-second clip, dazzling spectators with her body and tattoo sleeves. The female waiters in the video actually have to cover up any noticeable tattoos in order to work at the restaurant, something the TikTok user most obviously does not do. This is what makes the video so fascinating. Standing with his or her waist exposed in front of the camera, the TikTok user starts the video. In the middle of the screen are the captions "Me, a 49-year-old lady who has never worked at Hooters, after donning a Hooters uniform." Janie tries old hooters uniform Janie then takes a step back, displaying herself to the world in the standard uniform of the fast food chain. The song "NOSTYLIST" by Destroy Lonely is playing in the background to further the message's tone. Janie mimics the song's words "B***h, I'm awake. not a stylist "as the video concludes. The camera can see her self-assurance in the way she holds herself. The 49-year-old woman may not be dressed in full Hooters gear, but despite this, she appears to be able to hold her own in the restaurant with younger ladies. In the video's comment section, the woman received glowing reviews.

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