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5 Easy Tips To Raise Maximum Money In Crowdfunding Campaign

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image credit - shopify.com If you're about to start a crowdfunding effort or are already in the middle of one, you may wonder how to raise more money faster. This sense of urgency can be amplified if you are using an "All-or-Nothing" (AoN) platform that only lets you keep the money if you hit your fundraising goal. Here are some of the best crowdfunding tips that can help you raise more money and notice for your cause, project, or event. [caption id="attachment_191328" align="aligncenter" width="650"]5-effective-strategies-to-quickly-raise-money-with-crowdfunding-feature-image image credit - blog.fundly.com[/caption]

Research and Plan

People who run successful crowdfunding projects spend an average of 11 days studying and getting ready to start their campaigns. Depending on the type of campaign and how much money you need to raise, you may find that you need more or less time. When you do research and get ready, you:
  • Check out the best tips for earning money that can be found online.
  • Choose a great site for crowdfunding.
  • Take a look at other efforts that worked well to see what they did right.
  • Find out more about how to ask people for money.
  • Choose if you want to host an event as part of your campaign.
  • Look for more ways to raise money.
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Request Donations from the Right People

You know your network the best. For example, someone who has lost a loved one to cancer is likely to want to donate to a crowdfunding effort that raises money for cancer research. Also, if you are having a crowdfunding campaign for a certain politician, you probably won't get any money from friends and family who belong to a different political party or have different political ideas. When trying to get money, you can expect both of these things to happen. Try your best to put your outreach efforts where they will give you the best return on your time. Just keep in mind that financing is, in some ways, a numbers game. So, you should be strategic about how you reach out, but not so much that you end up with fewer choices.

Be Clear About the Purpose of the Funds 

Few people will donate to a crowdfunding effort. That isn't clear about where the money will go. The more specific you can be about how the money will be used, the better. By being clear about how you'll spend the money you raise, you build trust with your donors and make it more likely that they'll give to your cause.

Provide Incentives When Possible

Donors love incentives, but they only work for certain projects. Crowdfunding efforts for creative projects, trips and adventures, and even weddings and honeymoons can be a great way to give donors a reason to give to your project or event. Most of the time, the types of incentives or goods you offer depend on what you're trying to raise money for. We've seen efforts with rewards like:
  • T-shirts
  • Hats and caps.
  • Crafts made by hand
  • Mentions in the news
  • Free seats to a game, show, or concert
Offering incentives not only gives your donors something to remember your campaign by, but it also motivates them to give even more. If you have different levels of giving that come with different perks or incentives, people are likely to choose to give at a higher level or at least at a level that gives them something they'll like.

Use compelling copy to promote your crowdfunding page

Most crowdfunding platforms will make a general line or two to go with the URL of your campaign when you share it via email or social media. This tool makes it easy to send out campaign updates quickly, but it makes things the same for your followers and supporters. If your campaign ads sound like everyone else's, nothing makes yours stand out from the dozens of others that are probably showing up in your friends and family's social media feeds. Change that general copy so that it fits your crowdfunding effort.  You could:
  • Tell your story, but don't make it too long!
  • Tell donors how the money will be used.
  • Give an example of something you've done well in the past.
  • Talk about how much money you've earned and how much more you need.

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