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5 Exclusive Features of Samsung's Version of Android

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With a Samsung phone, you get a costum version of Google's mobile operating system with unique tools and perks. The software experience varies in Android phones depending on the company that made it. Google makes the Android operating system, and everyone else likes to add their twist. For example, in Google's Pixel phones, you get to call screening from Google Assistant.  Similarly, the Samsung phones that run a OneUI android version offer the same sort of fearures. If you have a Samsung phone, here are some valuable features you will not find in the phones from other manufacturers. Hide unused apps There are always a few apps that are used more than other apps. If you don't want those unused applications using your valuable space on the screen, this feature will help you keep your interface less cluttered and easily find the apps you use the most. However, you can always uninstall the unused apps, but if you want to keep some of those, you can use this feature. Hide unused apps in samsung However, you can not uninstall the preinstalled apps from Samsung and Google. So, this feature can be pretty helpful to you. Samsung handsets can hide the apps so they will still be on the phone, but you won't see them on your screen. And you can always bring them back when you need them. To hide apps, open App Drawer> Tap on three dots> Settings> choose to Hide Apps, and now you can select the apps you want to hide. All the hidden apps will be listed on top. Optimize your Device If you go to the Settings and choose Battery and device care, there you will find a rare option of phone management screen. This feature keeps your phone running smoothly. Optimization covers battery health, accessible storage, system memory, and various security settings. At the top of the screen, your device will show you how optimized it is. This feature will always be running in the background, but you can also tap Optimize now button for manual optimization. Customize Always-on Display In the Samsung handset, you have more control over what's shown on the lock screen. Go to Settings> head to Lock Screen and Always on Display to configure it. However, few budget  Samsung phones might not have this feature. There are plenty of options, such as how long the display stays visible and select cloak style. Customize Always-on Display in samsung The settings also let you switch between portrait and landscape orientation. It's your choice whether the music control will be on the lock screen. You can download the themes for always on display: Tap Themes, then pick AOD to see available themes. Now you can select the theme. Put Items in A Secure Folder This feature is only available in mid-range Samsung smartphones. The secure folder is a secured area where you can store confidential files. You can put a fingerprint, a PIN code, or a pattern for authentication to access. To reach this folder, go to Settings> Biometrics and Security and then Secure Folder. After setting up your authentication method, you can add files and apps to this folder by tapping on the plus icon. Run Samsung DeX Samsung Dex is an alternative way to operate your smartphone with a keyboard, mouse, and computer monitor. Your work includes image editing or word processing, so this feature can be helpful. So, it is similar to operating your phone but as a desktop. Here, you get all the desktop options such as floating windows, more intuitive control of your apps, Keyboard shortcuts, and so on. Run Samsung DeX in samsung This feature only works with Galaxy S series phones, and you also need a Dex cable to connect your phone to the monitor and peripherals. You can also plug it into a laptop. Samsung has provided a complete guide for DeX that you can refer to. But the best part is that this feature can increase your productivity.

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