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5 Top Tech Stocks You Should Invest On For Big Returns in 2022

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With the advancements in cutting-edge technologies, tech companies are pushing the growth of their product and service portfolios. Thousands of tech companies are expanding with the increase in the demand for tech. Whether the tech companies manufacture the latest mobile devices or sleek cars, you can take advantage of the massive opportunities from the growing top tech stocks. top-tech-stocks-to-watch We have compiled a list of the five top tech stocks that will yield profit in 2022. 1 Anaplan, Inc. Current price: US$64.35 - Market cap: US$9.70 billion Anaplan, Inc. is one of the top tech stocks delivering a cloud-based connected planning platform to connect organizations worldwide. The tech platform offers in-memory data storage to multiple organizations such as finance, supply chain, HR, marketing, etc. 2. Verizon Communications Inc. Verizon Communications Inc Current price: US$51.00, Market cap: US$214.08 billion Verizon Communications Inc. is a well-known company that offers communications, technology, and entertainment products and services across the globe. This is one of the top tech stocks with consumer and business segments focus on internet access, wireless-enabled connected devices, residential fixed connectivity solutions, private cloud connectivity, customer contact center solutions, etc. 3. Mandiant, Inc. Current price: US$22.23, Market cap: US$5.19 billion Mandiant, Inc. offers cyberdefense solutions via multiple platforms across the globe. The wide range of platforms is called Mandian Advantage SaaS platform, Managed Defense, Mandiant consulting services, Mandiant Academy, and more. These platforms validate security stacks and defend against emerging threats efficiently. 4. Avnet, Inc.  Current price: US$43.06, Market cap: US$4.26 billion Avnet, Inc. is one of the top tech companies distributing electronic components through two segments- electronic components and Farnell. These two segments focus on offering electromechanical devices, technical design solutions, support chain solutions, intelligent embedded and innovative embedded display solutions, and many more. Also, the tech company provides its services to automotive, aerospace, telco, and other industries around the globe. 5. Arista Networks, Inc. Arista Networks, Inc Current price: US$136.02, Market cap: US$41.79 billion Arista Networks, Inc is a popular tech company focused on developing cloud networking solutions worldwide. This last organization in our list of top tech stocks provides cloud networking solutions with extensible operating systems, a set of network applications, hardware repairs, and many more. It caters to multiple industries like financial services, government agencies, media and entertainment, and so on.

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