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5 Uses of iPhone to Work Efficiently From Home

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Life came to a standstill owing to CoVid19 worldwide, which made us realize that anything is possible at any time. Like a lot of other things that we tried to make adjustments with, WFH has become the new norm. Even after the CoVid19 situation is no longer prevalent, many employees work from Home. The new way to work is WFH, which saves you from traveling time, annoying traffic, pollution, etc. But the issue is how to make this new system workable. We have listed some ways to increase your efficiency to your total capacity and comfort using an iPhone.
  • Set A Screen Time
Set A Screen Time in iphone The primary issue with our cell phones is a distraction as many apps we tend to play, chat or browse. The Screen Time feature available in the Settings on your iPhone shows how much you spend on the phone. In addition, you can set an app timer or lock the apps you use frequently. This feature is a breakthrough in maintaining a limit on your screen time and getting your work done rather than wasting it on your screen.
  • Use the Settings To Replace the Text Settings To Replace the Text in iphone
If a lot of time is going into an email, you have an option to reduce the work. The Text Replacement feature is excellent for assisting you in this task. In the settings, go to general and then to keyboard; there is an option on Text Replacement. Here you will need to enter the subject that you are meant to type in the mail with a shortcut. This step expands to the word meant to be included, which is an incredible hack to save time.
  • Siri At Your Command
Siri is a great voice assistant who can significantly help your daily work. By clicking the microphone button on the keyboard, Siri works like a transcriptionist. She can read and write emails and also can check messages. Go to Settings, accessibility, Spoken Content, and from there to Speak Screen for Siri to read messages.
  • Activate Grayscale
Activate Grayscale in iphone   It is not just you but the whole world on the phone because of the distraction that the vibrant colors entice us into using the device. Once the phone is in our hands, we tend to forget the jobs with deadlines. Change the iPhone settings to Grayscale, which helps you focus on the work by removing the colors that invigorate the neurons. Mindless checking and using the phone is scientifically proven to help the users by demotivating them this step. Go to settings, Accessibility, Display, And Text Size, click Color Filters and select Grayscale.
  • Set The Work Focus setting
Set The Work Focus setting   The setting of Focus makes you more focused on the ContentContent you want to filter, like the messages, calls, or notifications while you are working. The Work Focus setting turns on when you start the day and gets off once you are done. This mode can be synced with Apple Watch, Mac, and iPhone. To sync all the devices, go to Settings, Focus, and Share Across Devices, minimizing the notifications on the screen. This setting reduces your time on checking messages or answering calls.  
  • Set Up Multi-Device Keyboards
Set Up Multi-Device Keyboard in iphone   A keyboard is a boon, especially for WFH situations. You can choose a keyboard that suits your work type as plenty is available in the market. Some of the keyboards have stylish buttons, and some are soft presses. The multi-device keyboard is the real deal for WFH. The iPhone keyboard is problematic for typing, so you can set up a Universal Control if you own a Mac using the iPhone. For a PC, follow the instructions on the product with a multi-device keyboard.
  • Use iPhone With a Mouse
Use iPhone With a Mouse   Connecting a Bluetooth mouse to the iPhone is an incredible hack and a wired mouse with a USB dongle. The iPhone can be used as a display if you have invested in a Bluetooth mouse or an efficient mouse pad. To control the mouse speed and tracking, go to Settings, Accessibility, Touch, and AssistiveTouch and adjust it according to your work type. Work From Home seems tremendous but comes with its challenges. You are taken for granted as you are available at Home between office hours. But some of these steps help keep up with your work without distractions. Give it a try!

By Monica Green

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