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50% Off on Unlimited T-Mobile Home Internet, Just for $25/Month

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50% Off on Unlimited T-Mobile Home Internet, Just for $25/Month-GadgetAny

T-Mobile has spent the past year increasing the places across the United States where its home internet service is available. With a few restrictions, you can now test out 5G-powered home internet for half off the typical cost.

Priced at $50 per month for some time, T-Mobile 5G Home Internet is already less expensive than many rival residential internet providers. In the event that you currently have a T-Mobile phone plan, a new deal reduces it to just $25 per month. Although there are no data limits for the internet service, the speeds are constrained by the area coverage and indoor reception of the T-Mobile cellular network.

T-Mobile Home Internet

There is a long list of restrictions and caveats, as is customary with mobile carrier promos. As previously noted, you require at least one T-Mobile voice line. Bill credits are another way that the lower price is implemented; the first bill cycle or two may be at $50 per month, but ultimately the $25 discount will take effect. It’s unclear from T-website Mobile’s whether this refers only to home internet plans or to any plans on your T-Mobile account since it states that the promotion “will terminate if you cancel any lines or change plans.”

This is still a remarkable internet deal that might replace your DSL or cable home internet, despite the several caveats. Although there is a 15-day test drive option, it’s unclear when the 50% off deal will expire.

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