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6 Hidden iOS 16 Features That Is Quite Difficult to Guess

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Tech giant Apple Inc. plans to release its new iPhone iOS 16 in the fall. It will have unique features like text message unsending and editing, lock-screen widgets, and multiple customization modes. Moreover, iOS 16 is coming with a whole host of big-league features, and we have mentioned a few here to update you about your favorite Apple device.

Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Controllers

Apple has added another gaming console to their existing paired third-party controllers list. You can pair your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Controllers with your 1OS 16 running iPhone or iPad. First, hold down the tiny black pairing button on your Joy-Con until the green light blinks, indicating that the gadget is in pairing mode. Then, go to your iPhone Settings- Bluetooth, and select the Joy-Con from the list. Repeat this step with the other Joy-Con.

Password Protection for Hidden and Deleted media

Hidden iOS 16 features Apple has an “Invisible” option to keep your Hidden photos and albums safe and makes them visible when others access your iPhone. Fortunately, iOS16 will allow Apple users to lock their Hidden album with password protection.

Share Wi-Fi passwords

Apple iOS users share their Wi-Fi passwords by placing two Apple devices adjacent. In addition, the iOS 16 allows you to retrieve your password from your settings and share a saved Wi-Fi password with Android device users. Go to the Wi-Fi settings and tap the information icon on the right side of your network option, of which you want the password. Tap the Password section, get access via FaceID, or enter a passcode to view the network password. Copy the password and share it with other users.

Remove duplicate media

Hidden iOS 16 features Removing unwanted and duplicate images and videos is easy in the new iOS 16. First, go to Duplicate Album in the Photos app, and check the additional pictures that Apple scans and shows. Then, press the delete or merge option to keep the highest quality photo and remove the duplicate ones.

Safari Tabs

Safari helps you pin up to 500 open tabs, and while nearing its limit, you usually find it challenging to locate your tabs. iOs 16 has made your search easier by giving the Pin Tab option. Your favorite tab will stay pinned to the top of Safari permanently by pressing the open tab up and down to move the tab in your tab grid.

Offline Siri functions

Your iPhone 12 or later model helps you have offline operations on Siri. It helps you access Intercom, control, and Voicemail functions and needs your HomeKit hub to communicate. No information goes beyond your local network to Apple.

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