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6 Proven Ways To Lower Cholesterol Levels

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Because there are often no symptoms, it’s sometimes called a silent killer. However, high cholesterol does not have to go untreated. The lipid panel, a simple blood test, can save your life. It will tell you what your cholesterol levels are. If they are too high, you can immediately take steps to lower them. According to the The total cholesterol level of 28 million Americans is greater than 240 mg/dL. “High cholesterol significantly increases your risk of developing cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack and coronary artery disease,” Eric Stahl ( MD Non-Invasive Cardioiologist at Staten Island University Hospital) tells us. “Elevated cholesterol can lead to atherosclerosis,” he said. This is when plaque builds up within the walls of the blood vessels. Atherosclerotic plaque is a hardening of the arteries that prevents blood from getting to the places it needs. High cholesterol is a worrying diagnosis. 

Physical Activity

Be Physically Active

Dr. Stahl says, “Exercising is a appropriate draw to raise HDL (appropriate cholesterol) and lower LDL (hideous cholesterol). At the least 150 minutes per week of moderate-depth exercise is generally recommended to cleave cholesterol.”

Quit Smoking

Dr. Stahl explains, “Smoking increases your LDL and decreases your HDL. As well to increasing cholesterol, smoking causes atherosclerosis thru a series of totally different mechanisms. Quitting smoking is principally the most impactful intervention for reducing cardiovascular threat.”

Minimize Alcohol Consumption

Minimize Alcohol Consumption

“Too much or outrageous alcohol consumption can amplify triglycerides and cholesterol,” Dr. Stahl states. “For healthy adults, it’s endorsed to restrict it to at least one drink per day.”

Lose Some Weight

Dr. Stahl says, “Weight problems increases your LDL, increases your triglycerides, and decreases your HDL. Even modest weight reduction (5-10 kilos) has been shown to cleave cholesterol.”

Heart Healthy Diet

Have Heart Healthy Diet

Dr. Stahl reminds us, “Making dietary adjustments is the biggest side of reducing cholesterol. Restrict your intake of saturated fat, particularly red meats, fried foods, and dairy products, while increasing fruits, vegetables, total grains, poultry, fish, and nuts. The Mediterranean food draw is a appropriate mannequin to exercise.”


“If the above adjustments are insufficient, medicines equivalent to statins are very efficient in reducing cholesterol, as smartly as your threat of coronary heart attack, coronary artery illness, stroke, and peripheral artery illness,” Dr. Stahl shares.

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