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7 Pointers For An Outstanding Video Interview

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7 Pointers For An Outstanding Video Interview-GadgetAny
Video calls

In 2023, as we transition into a hybrid post-pandemic workplace, it is undeniable that video interviews are here to stay.

Before setting up in-person meetings with senior staff members, recruiting managers can screen prospects through video calls. This implies that you will probably have to do a video interview, or maybe a series of them, regardless of the sector or job for which you apply.

But even though we’ve been speaking digitally for almost three years, not everyone has mastered it.

How to make a strong first impression during a video interview?

1. Select a background

Although it may seem apparent, you’d be shocked at how few individuals use video calls to even examine the background. If you want to catch up casually with longtime coworkers or friends in your kitchen, bedroom, or family room, that’s OK. But do you really want a potential employer to see what you have planned for dinner, that mountain of laundry, or pictures of your family from a recent vacation?

The purpose of a plain background is to keep the interviewer from becoming distracted rather than to conceal your true identity. You want people to pay attention to you and not try to read book titles from the shelves behind you as you speak.

7 Body Language Tips for a Video Interview | FlexJobs
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2. Make phone calls

Although using your phone instead of a laptop to join the video conversation may seem less professional, the camera on your phone is almost always going to be much better than the one on your laptop.

Just be sure to turn your phone so the image is a landscape and not a portrait so that it will display better for the person on the other end of the conversation. Prior to the meeting, always run a test on your phone, especially if you need to download an app to access full features, such as the capacity to blur backgrounds.

3. Employ an outside microphone

Poor camera work is something that we can all overlook, but bad sound is considerably more difficult.

External mics are inexpensive and significantly raise people’s perceptions of your professionalism. It should go without saying that if you can’t manage background noise, you should purchase a microphone that not only connects to your phone but also has an earphone option.

4. Select eye contact

Even though many people have been working remotely for a while, most still glance at themselves or the people on their screen instead of into the camera.

If you speak and address the camera rather than the hiring manager, you will come out as much more approachable. If you have trouble doing this, place your phone so that the camera is level with your eyes.

7 Tips for Acing Your Video Interview - Stevenson & White
Image credit- Stevenson & White

5. Exercise

When you’re not in the same room as the interviewer, it’s more tougher to avoid talking over them or trying to avoid interrupting them, so practise your method with a friend and stick to the three-second guideline. Wait three seconds after everyone else in the room has completed speaking before you speak; this is crucial if you tend to ramble when you’re scared.

6. Feel at ease

People frequently trip over the most obvious issues, thus comfort is crucial. Can you comfortably stay in the same position for an hour if your call lasts that long?

Although your bedroom may have the greatest décor and lighting in the house, can you spend an hour sitting on the side of your bed? For comfort and a clear mind, it’s worth forgoing the ideal setup.

7. Recognize interruptions

Of course, you should make an effort to limit interruptions from children, animals, or family members, but things can happen. Therefore, accept any interruptions or technical difficulties, fix them, and continue.

After Covid, we are all a lot more experienced with video meetings and recognize that mistakes do occur. More than you might realize, how you respond to it reveals more about you. It exposes to the interviewer how you handle challenges or failures, so keep a cool head and carry on.

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