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A 16-year-old admitted to killing a teenager, 13, on Instagram video chat and asked for help disposing of body

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When an adolescent requested a friend on Instagram for assistance in burying the body, he confessed to the murder in the message. An American teenager named Joshua Cooper, 16, of Bensalem, Pennsylvania, has been accused of killing a 13-year-old. After it was discovered that the girl had been shot to death, he was charged as an adult with killing her. After receiving the Instagram message, Cooper's friend phoned the police. She informed authorities over the phone that the murderer had messaged her in a video on social media. He apparently confessed to the murder on the video. According to reports, before turning the camera around to reveal the body, Cooper told his pal that he had killed someone. The girl's legs and feet were shown in the video clip and were stained with blood. He requested assistance from his teenage acquaintance, who is also his pal, with body disposal. Officers responded to the call and went to Cooper's trailer park where they discovered the victim dead on the restroom floor with a gunshot wound to the chest. When they arrived, the police observed that "significant steps" had been taken to tidy up the crime scene. Cooper attempted to elude the police, but they were able to find him and bring him into custody. He reportedly told police “it was an accident”, claiming during his initial interview that he was cleaning out his father’s safe and removed the firearms that were inside. According to the probable cause affidavit, Cooper said that he accessed the safe by “replacing the batteries his father had removed, which had made the combination lock inoperable”. He then spent the afternoon with the victim, watching TV, before he shot her. One resident of the trailer park told the media: "I heard a gunshot and I know about gunshots. And I come out and open the door and I see the boy run across there.
"I talked to the boy out here on the bench a couple of times and he seemed troubled."

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