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A couple won £3m Cornish mansion in a £25 lottery selling the house after 3 weeks. See reason.

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A couple who purchased a £25 lottery ticket and won a £3 million Cornish property placed it up for sale for £ 4 million just weeks later because they thought the beach village was "too fancy." The spectacular home with panoramic views of the Camel Estuary and Gordon Ramsay as a neighbour was won by Uttam Parmar, 58, of Leicestershire on August 12. He put the home up for sale on October 8 in the hopes of generating a profit of £3,999,975. The enormous award also includes £50,000 for the family, a mortgage-free property, and coverage for stamp duty and legal costs. [caption id="attachment_50571" align="aligncenter" width="962"]couple won 3 million house Uttam Parmar, 58, (left), wife Raki, 53, and son Aaron, 26, in front of the £3million mansion in Cornwall. After winning the dream home in August for £25, Mr Parmar said: 'I've now won my own piece of paradise.' But now it is up for sale[/caption] Despite suggestions to the contrary, Mr. Parmar and his 53-year-old wife Raki are already collecting their winnings eight weeks after the lottery victory. The Parmars have made the decision to move back into their house in Leicestershire, claiming that they just did not enjoy the upkeep costs or their new surroundings. They claim to be quite satisfied to remain in their sizable, contemporary, detached red-brick home in a quiet neighbourhood in Appleby Magna, Leicestershire. Mr. Parmar described his prize property to MailOnline in an exclusive interview, saying: "It's a lovely house in a beautiful setting, but we don't feel like we fit in on the Cornish coast with all the rich people there."   No, it's not us. We've been residents of Leicester for a while, and we're content with our lives here. We don't require a $4 million vacation property. I'm a pretty normal man; I have some famous neighbours, but I'm not in that Hollywood league, the happy winner continued. Although it would be lovely to run into a local celebrity, we would feel a little out of our element. couple won 3 million house Before agreeing to give up the residence, the family allegedly spent time "hanging out" there, according to Mr. Parmar and his wife Raki.

He said: 'If we could afford to keep it we would. It is beautiful. But we are looking to buy some land or a smaller property instead.'

The operations manager for electronic component firm Alps Alpine, added: 'We are selling it and not keeping it as a holiday home.

'We considered moving there and staying there but with all the costs et cetera it was a lot so we decided to sell it.

'We have an agent dealing with it and we're leaving him to sort it out.' Mr Parmar added: 'I hope it sells for £4million but let's see.'

The eco-mansion employs recycled newspaper for insulation and has a "green roof" made of grasses, moss, and flowers to recycle water, benefit wildlife, and enhance air quality. 5.3 acres of gently rolling ground extend from it to the River Camel. A short distance from the picturesque village of Rock on the coast, where celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay lives with his family in his £4.4 million mansion across the Camel Estuary from Padstow, is the four-bedroom home that was built with "no expense spared." The home commands views of outstanding natural beauty in the surrounding countryside. But it seems Mr. Parmar won't be moving from Leicestershire to Cornwall, or even maintaining the house as a vacation home. I'll sell the house instead and take the money.

Speaking outside the home in Wadebridge this summer he hinted that they would keep it, declaring: 'We have a large extended family, so no doubt they'll all be asking to have their next birthday parties here'.

couple won 3 million house

He said: 'We've holidayed in Cornwall over the years and always thought it would be incredible to have a place here – and now we do – we're still pinching ourselves.

He added: 'We're not sure if we'll rent, sell or live in it yet – it's the best dilemma we've ever had! Whatever we decide, it's a life changing win for the whole family.'

But MailOnline has spotted it on the RightMove website, where it appeared five days ago.

couple won 3 million house

Mr Parmar bought a ticket for the Omaze Million Pound House Draw in July. After having entered the competition eight times before without winning, he and his wife finally walked away with the grand prize.

He was at a hospital when he found he had won the four-bedroom dream home with a £25 ticket.

He said after winning the mansion: 'When Omaze called to tell us we'd won a prize, we were actually at the hospital. We were so excited that we might have won the grand prize, we called our son Aaron, 26, to see if the winning entry code matched ours. When he triple checked the numbers matched, we must've burst his eardrums screaming down the phone'.

'Although, we still didn't believe we'd won until we got back to our house and Omaze told us in person.

'I've entered every Omaze draw since they started, so patience really is a virtue, as I've now won my own piece of paradise – this house is definitely my favourite one they've offered.'

couple won 3 million house

Inside of Dream Mansion

A video shows Mr Parmar and his family celebrating their astonishing win in the draw and their reaction to seeing the luxury home for the first time.

The house includes a suntrap terrace, a hot tub and its own courtyard with exposed brick walls and an open fireplace. Inside, the property also has a large, open-plan kitchen and dining area for entertaining guests.

With a sleek modern design, the home won an award for the best new build in Cornwall in 2020.

The spacious 4,200 square-foot house also includes five acres of land in the Cornish countryside. Local estate agents estimate it could fetch up to £15,000 a month in rent at peak seasons.

Mr Parmar said: 'I've always considered myself a lucky person, firstly because of my wonderful family – but I've also won a few bits such as a TV and coffee table, which I was pretty happy with to be honest.

'I never dreamed I'd win anything as extravagant as a £3million house though'.

The prize draw raised money for Blood Cancer UK, a charity dedicated to funding research into cancers such as leukaemia, lymphoma and myeloma.

Gemma Peters, Blood Cancer UK's chief executive, said: 'We are so grateful to Omaze for choosing us as its charity partner for the Cornwall house draw.

'Blood cancer is the UK's third biggest cancer killer, and the money this partnership has raised will help us to give support and information to people who are affected by blood cancer – as well as fund lifesaving research that will bring forward the day when blood cancer is finally beaten.'

James Oakes, chief international officer at Omaze, said: 'We're delighted that Uttam has won his dream home – and was able to contribute to this fantastic £1million raise for Blood Cancer UK in the process.'

The competition was the ninth run by Omaze, whose Million Pound House Draw has raised £6.75million for good causes.

The next house draw is for a stunning £2million home in Marbella, Spain – raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

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