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A Court Case Loss Could Affect Apple Watch Availability

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A Court Case Loss Could Affect Apple Watch Availability-GadgetAny

The American government has determined that Apple has violated the intellectual property of another business. Masimo claims that in creating the pulse oximeter featured in Apple Watches since the 6 series, the Cupertino behemoth took their trade secrets. The discussions that could result in popular wearables being taken off the market are about to start.

Masimo describes itself as an OEM that offers “hospital-grade” wearables using SET pulse oximetry technology for “accurate, actionable health insights,” among other devices.

Since 2020, the Apple Watch has offered a comparable feature as well, which, according to the “professional health” company, is an absurd coincidence.

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In order to do this, Masimo has been suing Apple on the grounds that the Cupertino juggernaut violated one of its “pulse oximeter patents” by using it.

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A Washington, D.C. Administrative Law Judge has found that Tim Cook’s business is certainly guilty of this infringement, giving the former a victory in this dispute.

Despite having no immediate impact on Apple’s Watch business, Masimo declares that it is “satisfied” with this choice.

The US International Trade Commission (USITC), a committee that will decide whether the allegedly stolen technology disqualifies the series 6 and its successors from future imports, has been given the case.

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