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A future Samsung device might switch to Bing instead of Google Search

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Photo Credit: Gizchina.com You anticipate that Google Search will be set up as the default search engine when you purchase an Android phone. However, when you purchase your next Samsung phone, that might not be the case. The default search engine for upcoming Samsung Galaxy phones may switch from Google to Bing, according to a rumor over the weekend. According to the New York Times, Google went into "panic mode" after learning that Samsung might be considering switching from Google Search to Bing on its smartphone platforms. Why? According to the source, "An estimated $3 billion in annual revenue is at stake with the Samsung contract." That amounts to $3 billion a year that Google will no longer receive if Samsung decides not to continue utilizing Google as the default search engine on its phones. And who knows how many other businesses will decide to follow Samsung's lead and switch to Bing from Google. Samsung may replace Google Search with AI-powered Bing on all devices | Mashable Photo Credit: Mashable A scenario like this would have seemed unimaginable less than a year ago, but the emergence of AI chatbots has unexpectedly brought Bing back into the public eye. Following ChatGPT's enormous success, Microsoft included the AI technology into Bing Chat, its own search engine. Despite its flaws, Bing Chat has swiftly established itself as one of the most popular chatbots available, providing much more informative and individualized responses than a "normal" search engine like Google Search. Google's response to ChatGPT and Bing Chat thus far hasn't exactly been stellar. Google Bard is being gradually tested by the firm, but both its distribution and performance have been disappointing. The "Magi project" is being developed by Google, according to the New York Times, to help it compete with ChatGPT and Bing Chat. The Times reports that Magi will have new features and become more conversational. Also Read: Think before Buying A Pixel Phone Or A Samsung Phone However, it seems like Google is now offering too little, too late, despite how fantastic Magi may be. According to the article, Bing's AI improvements are a major factor in Samsung's decision to make the switch because Google hasn't been able to match them.

Resulting implications for your Samsung phone

What would it imply for you if Samsung actually switches Google from its handsets to Bing? Google Search would presumably remain the default search engine on Samsung's current smartphones. Future versions, though, are probably going to come with Bing preloaded rather than Google. Bing would come pre-installed, but you could still get Google Chrome and Google Search from the Play Store and use them if you preferred. Samsung replaces default search engine on Galaxy smartphones with Microsoft's Bing Photo Credit: Sam Lover Of course, it assumes Samsung really implements this adjustment. Although it doesn't provide any additional information, the story claims that Google learnt in March that Samsung was considering using Bing as a search replacement. Using Bing on next smartphones and tablets may be a topic of serious discussion between Samsung and Microsoft, or it may only be a concept the two companies are playing about. Whatever the situation, it's huge news that Samsung is even thinking about making this move. Although Google won't be leaving anytime soon, its dominance over search engines may finally be beginning to wane.

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