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A Kid’s Bubble Machine Is Said To Keep Mosquitos at Bay

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A long time back, we distributed a concise report of an eccentric hack: Turning on a children's air bubble machine is said to keep mosquitoes under control. Bubble machines are not recorded in any general health association's mosquito prevention tips, for instance. Moreover, there is no unique power that a cleanser has over mosquitoes; Snopes was more authoritative about that. The vital part of any air bubble machine is a fan. If you're unfamiliar with these devices, they're simply a more automated version of what you can perform with a container of bubble solution and a handheld wand. A small fan pumps air through the machine, and a revolving series of bubble wands are dipped in a soapy solution and passed in front of the fan. Bubble Machine If you sit directly in front of the bubble machine, you will be pelted with bubbles while surrounded by a soothing current of air. I doubt that this is sufficient to provide significant protection against mosquito bites, but it does provide a ray of hope.  Mosquitoes are generally poor flyers, so fans come in handy. They not only have difficulty flying into the wind, but they also rely on smell to find their prey (us). When we are surrounded by clouds of carbon dioxide and body odor, this works best. A powerful breeze breaks these clouds, making us more difficult to spot and contact. Bubble Machine To benefit, you would have to sit directly in the stream of bubbles. You'd be there at that moment by using a machine without soap solution and simply using the fan. After all, compared to the power of a good-sized box fan, the airflow from a bubble machine is quite weak. As we've previously stated the only two things that will reliably keep mosquitoes away from you while you sip some porch beers on a late-summer evening are a box fan and registered mosquito repellant.

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