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“A magical experience”: Can VR influencers save the metaverse?

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Image credit : CNN Trends are temporary and fleeting. They are here today and gone tomorrow. So, has the same happened with the metaverse? Although some people would say so, others are still convinced that the metaverse is here to stay. The metaverse started trending in 2021, becoming the buzzword on everyone’s lips and taking the tech world by storm. However, despite all the tall talks and demos, virtual reality (VR) still remains an unattainable dream. Instead, the tech world is now going bananas over AI programs like ChatGPT and the VR seems more like a distant dream than a reality.  However, not everyone has given up hope, and there are upcoming influencers who are trying to convert this dream into a reality. 

What is the Metaverse?

The exact definition of the term metaverse is yet to be known since there’s been a lot of confusion over it. It usually refers to some kind of virtual world where the user is represented by an avatar- a computerized version of themselves. People can interact with each other and play games inside this virtual world. Technology journalist Jay Peters, from the website The Verge, says "some metaverses include elements where you can create your own content and build your own worlds". Some gamers argue that popular games such as Minecraft, Roblox, and Fortnite are examples of metaverses. But the vision seen in blurry tech reels usually involves players putting on VR headsets to take part. The vision itself is for something like a digital version of the real world rather than different arenas for deathmatches.

Why VR is a different experience?

TigressX, a gamer who has been creating gaming content for more than 15 years, states that one of her favorite metaverse activities is watching films with her friends. "It almost feels like you are physically hanging out," she says. She’s even attended a marriage via VR. "I actually attended a wedding in VR once for a friend who lives in America. It was interesting for sure. But really fun." Influencer Techman Ju says that he first dived into the metaverse "to go to places that you can't go to in the real world - different worlds, universes, galaxies, and dimensions. "The first time you put [a headset] on it's actually a magical experience," Techman Ju says. Thrill, another metaverse influencer says he was attracted by the human bonds VR can create. "It's really special because it's a higher-level connection than meeting somebody through message or a game," he says. "People can connect in different or better ways than they could otherwise." Also read : Do Metaverse Effects On Mental Health – Know Here

Entering the metaverse

VR film director, Alex Ruhl, head of metaverse technologies at PwC, says that it is “more immersive, intimate, and interactive than just posting videos or live streaming.” She further states that established influencers are using the metaverse as a new way to keep their followers engaged.  "I think we'll see more and more metaverse-first influencers pop up that then take that influence and disperse it across other channels as well," says Alex. Tech journalist Jay believes that VR technology needs to be more popular and convincing. "If people create their own metaverse spaces, virtual worlds and own communities, that's what's going to make people show up," he says.

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