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A man accidentally drives another Tesla car using the car's app: Report

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Image Credit: 1000logos Rajesh Randev a man in Vancouver, Canada, was able to drive off with someone else's Tesla Model 3 by using the Tesla app on his own phone. According to Rajesh Randev, who spoke with Global News, the Tesla he borrowed had the same color as his, leading him to believe he was getting into his vehicle. He told the outlet that there were two nearly identical Model 3s parked next to each other when Randev went to get his car. He added that he had to pick up his children from school and was in a rush, so he unlocked the wrong Tesla and started driving. Rajesh Randev said to Global News that “Apparently I found some glitch.” He is surprised by this incident. It was not until he was driving that he realized his enormous oversight. The windshield of the car had a crack at that point, which his own Model 3 did not. He called his wife to see if she had seen a crack, but she had not—since it wasn't their vehicle. Randev also mentioned that he had noticed the car's charger was not in its usual location. Rajesh Randev contacts the real owner of that Tesla vehicle after the realization of the mishap. [caption id="attachment_80274" align="alignright" width="1200"]Tesla Vehicles image: Tesla[/caption] He told the outlet, "After five to ten minutes, I got a text on my phone asking, 'Rajesh are you driving [a] Tesla. Randev continued by claiming that the person who messaged him informed him that he was in the wrong vehicle. When Randev parked the vehicle, he discovered that its rims were different from his. They agreed to switch the cars back once he had picked up his children from school. Yes, Randev once more succeeded in entering and taking possession of a Model 3 that was not his. Also Read: Why it's a good idea for collectors to purchase art online? When the two did finally meet, Randev claimed the other Tesla owner informed him that he had been able to obtain his phone number from a document he had inside the Tesla. If you are keeping up, it means that the other guy was also successful in getting entry to Randev's Tesla. Isn’t it awkward? Tesla Image Credit: Blogspot According to Global News, if the phone and the car are connected, the Tesla app is designed to grant access to the owner's Tesla. Owners can lock and unlock the car, control the climate, and locate charging stations from there. However, it's meant to be used with the owner's actual Tesla, not just a random car with a similar paint job. Both of us were laughing, and I also called the police, Randev said to Global News. “The police claimed to have my statement, but they were unable to provide me with a file number because nothing had happened.” With the video evidence, Randev claimed he contacted Tesla, but so far, no one has gotten back to him. Also contacting Tesla several times, Global News did not receive a response. Randev said, "The corporate email in North America says the mailbox is full.

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