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A Mexico-based Tesla factory is in the works, thanks to successful calls between Elon Musk and the Mexican president

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Elon Musk and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador had a successful call, which bodes well for the construction of a Mexico-based Tesla factory. Additionally, several detractors have been speculating for a while that Tesla will soon begin a gigafactory project in Mexico. These reports started to circulate in 2022 once the Tesla CEO declared that they would build a new facility in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Furthermore, these rumors intensified in October 2022 after Elon agreed to meet with the governor of Mexico. Finally, it appears that the recent speculations of a Tesla facility in Mexico are accurate. In addition, the most recent claim from Teslarati suggests that a conversation between Elon and Obrador may have hinted at the possibility of a new Mexico-based Tesla factory. Additionally, authorities reported that their conversation went very well. And one of them even mentioned that a deal between the billionaire and the president of Mexico was 90% close to being sealed. In addition, the calls between Lopez Obrador and the CEO of Tesla were described by Mexican officials as lengthy discussions - one call lasted for 35 minutes, and the other (on February 27) lasted for more than 40 minutes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="730"]Tesla will soon begin a gigafactory project in Mexico Image credit: TechCrunch[/caption] Also, specifics of their discussions are anticipated to be released in the coming days.

More details

According to Electrek, the opposition-controlled state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico has run out of alternatives. According to Lopez Obrador, if there is not enough water available in the area, Tesla might not be given permission to build a facility in Nuevo Leon. The Mexican president prefers that Tesla construct its new factory close to Mexico City in a new commercial area. On another note, prior to the next Tesla Investory Day 2023, all of these specifics were verified. But it's unclear whether the announcements at the ceremony would mention the new Tesla facility in Mexico.

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