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A Movano Evie Smart Ring With Skin Temperature and SpO2 Sensors Has Been Unveiled as a Rival to Oura

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A health wearable that could compete with the Oura ring has been announced: the Movano Evie smart ring. The device has a number of biometric tracking devices, including skin temperature and SpO2 sensors. Additionally, the business has disclosed plans to submit an FDA application for the product, making it the first smart ring that is medical-grade to hit the market. The Evie smart ring from Movano is a biometric tracking wearable that could rival the Oura ring. The device can be used to monitor a variety of health parameters, including heart rate, blood oxygen saturation (SpO2), respiration rate, skin temperature, and menstrual cycle. You could use the ring to monitor your step count, calorie burn, and sleep quality, just like a smartwatch. Without a subscription, you can access your compiled health data via a companion app. You may use these revelations, according to Movano, to develop a deeper understanding of your body and make wiser lifestyle decisions. According to the business, it intends to submit an FDA clearance application for the Evie smart ring's SpO2 and heart rate monitoring features, making it the first item of its kind to be labeled as a medical device. The company's first product, the Evie ring, is anticipated to debut in 2023 at an undetermined time. The will be on display at CES 2023; a 2022 event saw the debut of an earlier prototype, but the device did not launch this year as scheduled. The polished aluminum "smart ring" will be offered in three colors—gold, rose gold, and silver—and sizes 5 to 11. The device will probably retail for less than US$300, though its exact pricing has not yet been determined.

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