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A new Twitter Bug Affected Users During the Met Gala

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Twitter outage: Elon Musk says ‘works for me’ as users report problems with website (Image credit- The Guardian)

Numerous users were impacted by a fresh Twitter bug in 2023, even during the eagerly anticipated Met Gala. The disruption began on May 1. The majority of affected individuals are those who use the web to access their Twitter accounts. As of this writing, Twitter has not said whether they are already addressing the most recent problem. Reports, however, indicated that the issue had already been resolved by midnight. The most recent report claims that at 4:00 p.m. ET, Twitter users' complaints spiked. The Downdetector got almost 4,100 reports. According to the online outage checker, server connectivity problems were reported by 4% of the impacted customers. In the meantime, 44% of them experienced website issues. During the peak of the outage, the remaining 52% encountered login issues. The most aggravating problem that Twitter users encounter is frequently being locked out of their accounts. New Twitter Glitch Affected Users During Met Gala! Issues Experienced, Scope, Other Details | Tech Times Affected Twitter users claimed that the problem began when they attempted to navigate the social media site's online interface. The Twitter page will then immediately reload, and it will be sent to the Logged Out users' default domain. Many Twitter users reported having tried the available log in methods, including Google, Apple, and email. But many of them never returned to their accounts. Also read: Amazon will fire more than 17,000 employees, more than originally anticipated What led to the Twitter issue? Although Elon Musk and his team haven't made an official statement about the most recent Twitter glitch, many people have shared their theories. Ryan Mac, a reporter for The New York Times, is one of them. He said that the Twitter desktop outage was caused by a poor front-end deployment. The journalists said that two sources who are familiar with Twitter's operations presented them with this information.

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