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A nightclub bouncer arrested for having sex on bar. Video Surfaced!!

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Obscenity reached a new high after an unclothed bouncer was caught on camera having sexual relations with a woman who was naked publically in a nightclub located situated in Crimea, Ukraine. The bouncer was taken into custody when he was caught by cameras in a sexy relationship with a naked customer in the Crimean nightclub. Nightclub bouncer The shocking incident happened within hours of a string of explosions took place at the close Saky airbase. Crimea was previously an integral part of Ukraine was invaded and then occupied by Russia in 2014. But the adult population was unaffected by the ongoing war in the region and were able to enjoy naked sex without shame. The entire sequence was taken by a customer in club. Nightclub bouncer In the shocking video filmed by the patron, both the bouncer as well as the woman were seen naked and having sex with complete view from the bar. The guard in a shirtless outfit can be seen pushing the brunette behind, and she's holding on to a ceiling gratings to maintain her in balance. The couple is seen tearing up the dance floor without fear as loud music plays on the other side of an empty nightclub. The footage then goes to an actress sitting on her knees before the bodyguard's muscular muscles, who is doing oral sex on him. They appeared to be unaffected by the presence of the other drinking people filming the sexy act and one bystander even stepping in for the most intense close-up, just feet away from the incident. Nightclub bouncer In Russia the country, public sex is a crime that can be punished with an insignificant fine as well as up to 15 consecutive days in prison. When the video was made public on social media, the police began an investigation to identify the culprits. In a statement issued on Tuesday, August 10 the directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city of Sevastopol stated that they were able to quickly determine the identity of the suspect who is 32 years old and is employed at the restaurant as bouncer. The bouncer is placed in "administrative detention" for 14 days. In the meantime, the female participant is still missing According an official spokesperson "The location of the second person involved in the incident is being determined to locate her." Sexual sex in public seems to be widespread across Europe. This week, a couple of sexy HBO fans were seen having a sex session at a 'Game of Thrones' set situated in Dubrovnik, Croatia. In another incident an unidentified couple was seen performing oral sex at the Cornelia Street restaurant located in New York City. The woman was caught engaging in oral sex with the male in public.

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