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Its Pikachu!!! Samsung Joins The Race For Poke Ball Earbuds Case

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Its Pikachu!!! Samsung Joins The Race For Poke Ball Earbuds Case-GadgetAny
Poke Ball case for wireless earbuds

Pokemon has been a rage for more than 25 years. Additionally, wireless earbuds are no longer a rare commodity. They are now an everyday sight in people’s ears in subways, buses, etc. And why wouldn’t they be popular with the features they offer like noise cancellation and immersive listening capabilities. In addition, they remove the hassle of wires that were an annoyance before. However, with their widespread demands in the market, manufacturers have to come up with some way to make their wireless earbuds stand out. And one of the methods to do that is developing creative charging cases. These wireless earbuds rely significantly on their charging cases. So, it’s no surprise that manufacturers have developed some unique charging case designs. Samsung recently did the same and created a Poke Ball case for its Galaxy Buds 2. 

But, Samsung is not the first company to partner with Pokemon to attract more buyers. In 2020, Razer introduced a pair of bright yellow Pikachu-themed wireless earbuds with a case that resembled a Poke Ball. Likewise, Nintendo also released a Poke Ball Plus controller. And although both of these were charming, the Poke Ball’s proportions were not up to the mark. 

Poke Ball case for wireless earbuds

However, Samsung’s Poke Ball has similar proportions to those in the Pokemon games and cartoons. Furthermore, it is designed to hold the Galaxy Buds 2 charging case, which will fit inside the Poke Ball. The product is available on the company’s Korean website at 134,000 won ($110). It is almost equivalent to the cost of the Galaxy Buds 2. Additionally, the Poke Ball comes with a handful of Pokemon stickers to customize the charging case of the earbuds. 

What’s more

Unfortunately, Pokemon fans cannot order Samsung’s Poke Ball yet. And once available, the company will release it only in limited quantities. In addition, it will be compatible with the Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds Live. Hence, Galaxy Buds owners hope that Samsung will also offer its Poke Balls as a standalone accessory. 

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