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A Reality Show Starring Banijay Has Been Announced

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The global rights to "The Hotel," an Argentinean series of celebrity competitions, were purchased by Banijay. It continues its long-standing partnership with Diego Guebel and his soaring Boxfish Argentina with this. "The Hotel," also known as "El Hotel," is a reality television series produced by Boxfish for Canal 13, one of the largest free-to-air networks in Argentina. It follows 16 celebrity competitors as they isolate themselves for four months in a posh hotel outside of a metropolis. The opulent establishment's lack of staff is the sole issue. The staff resides in the hotel's service area, where they make breakfast for guests and wash linens while visitors unwind in the spa, pool, and dining room. A Reality Show Starring Banijay Has Been Announced Each week's opening decides which celebrities will join the hotel workforce. A sizable financial prize is presented to the eventual winner. The Hotel," a lighthearted and amusing examination of societal divide, will be shown to buyers at Mipcom Cannes the following week. The series as a whole will be represented by Banijay Rights (excluding Argentina and Spain, Brazil). Banijay Rights will offer the title for sale at Mipcom. According to Banijay's global head of content operations, Lucas Green, "'The Hotel' is a colourful reality show featuring challenges with real jeopardy for celebrity contestants, keeping everyone on the edge of their seats." He claims that the series exemplifies the "incredible breadth" of Banijay's multi-genre catalogue of over 135,000 hours. A Reality Show Starring Banijay Has Been Announced The producer is Guebel, formerly of Cuatro Cabezas. He has also produced the three-season "MasterChef Celebrity" since 2020 Boxfish. An enormously popular Banijay mega-format presentation on Telefe from ViacomCBS has dominated evening television and social media in Argentina. The Boxfish Argentine adaptation was the recipient of three prestigious accolades, including the Golden Martin Fierro award for outstanding programme during the May 2022 edition. One of Latin America's fastest-growing TV firms, Boxfish, is now creating and producing programming for use by several streaming platforms, including HBOMax and Paramount+. In Madrid, Sao Paulo, and Buenos Aires, new Boxfish offices have been established. This enables it to grow quickly in Spain and Brazil. When it debuted on Spanish TV/SVOD in June 2022, the three-part documentary series "Locomia," a Movistar Plus+ original, was the most well-liked non-fiction offering on Movistar Plus+ in Spain. Banijay The Hotel now ranks among the best-selling Banijay albums on Mipcom. "Starstruck," "Blow Up," "Love Triangle," "Le Plus Grand Karaoke de France," and "MasterChef: Young Talent" are some of the highlights of the format.

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