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According to Apple's Tim Cook, layoffs are only a "last resort" and not part of the company's plans

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(Image credit- Moneycontrol) Thousands of employees at Big Tech businesses were let go during a wave of layoffs that began in 2022 and continued into 2023, but Apple appears to have retained the majority of its personnel. Tim Cook stated that mass layoffs are not part of the company's efforts to address the industry's pressing issue. Since the COVID-19 Pandemic, the world has experienced a recession from which it is currently slowly emerging. One of their responses to this is internal restructuring. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, recently stated in an interview that the business does not aim to implement mass layoffs in order to deal with the hardships and difficulties of the present. In a recent interview, Cook stated that no significant layoffs that would result in Apple employees losing their jobs are currently planned. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="3851"]Apple layoffs are a 'last resort,' CEO Tim Cook says Image credit- CNBC[/caption] Apple has already conducted layoffs, which was a necessary step. According to the reports, the corporation cut hundreds of workers from its development and preservation teams in April 2023, citing the need to consolidate operations and concentrate on core business areas. However, it did not portend any wider layoffs at the company. According to the tech CEO, the company views layoffs as "a last resort" in order to deal with the issues of the moment. It is not completely shut down, though, and this could indicate that job losses are imminent. The prior layoffs, according to Apple, were a part of their "streamlining effort" to aid them, with Cupertino providing assistance to individuals impacted and giving them the opportunity to apply for a different position within the firm. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="534"]Apple layoffs a 'last resort', not considering it at the moment, CEO Tim  Cook says Image credit- MSN[/caption] Huge Layoffs in Big Tech In order to assist the company recover from its losses, the Big Tech corporations around the world focused on making large layoffs, which they disclosed to their staff as "restructuring" activities. As many as 17,000 employees lost their jobs at Amazon in January of this year, making it one of the most known firms for layoffs and employment policies. A significant portion of Meta's personnel was also laid off in the past, and the company saw multiple waves of layoffs that affected its employees in 2023. Google, Microsoft, PayPal, and other Big Tech companies also had infamous layoffs. Also read: Air-to-Water Tech from Solar Devices to be Used on African Safari Resort | MASK Architects According to some analysts, the corporation overhired workers who simply performed menial chores and had "fake jobs," which resulted in big losses for them. The good news is that despite the difficulties and hardship it experienced during the economic crisis, Apple has a great track record of caring for its employees, so this is not a problem for them.

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