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According to Musk, Tesla will engage in advertising

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()Image credit- MarketWatch) After eschewing conventional marketing, Tesla disclosed its intentions to use advertising to promote its selection of electric vehicles. Elon Musk, the company's CEO, made this announcement at the annual shareholders' meeting.

Considering a Career in Advertising

Tesla will undertake a "little" advertising, Musk said at the annual shareholders meeting. This choice represents a significant change for the business, which has avoided traditional marketing since its inception, according to a report by Bloomberg. Despite not investing in radio, television, or printed marketing, Tesla already established a particular market. In the past, the business only used natural promotion and word of mouth. Musk has a reputation for being outspoken about his views on advertising, despite some supporters and investors having suggested it in the past. He continually argued against the notion, stating in a Twitter reply that he detests advertising. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]Advertising Is The Last Thing Tesla Should Do - CleanTechnica Image credit- CleanTechnica[/caption] In addition, Musk has leveraged his most recent platform acquisition, Twitter, as a Tesla marketing tool where he posts updates and teasers for impending releases. But on Tuesday, Musk responded to a meeting participant who questioned whether he would change his mind, saying, "We'll try out a little advertising and see how it goes." Also read: Best Tips For Beginning A New Career Without Experience He continued by saying that he would keep posting his opinions on Twitter even if it resulted in some advertisers leaving the site. According to reports, several businesses have removed their advertisements from the platform as a result of criticism from its user-contributed Community Notes fact-checking tool. Musk said that it cost Twitter $40 million, but he did not specify whose advertisers it involved. The company's long-term position plans to promote "Model Y" as the best-selling car, and the appointment of Redwood Materials' current Chief JB Straubel as an independent director of the board were among the other highlights of the meeting, according to the report. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1344"]why Elon Musk does not want to advertise - Gearrice Image credit - Gearrice[/caption] Despite sounding as though it would only be a trial period, Musk was reportedly astonished by the fervor of Tesla investors, according to the reports. He made it obvious that he was aware of the irony of his making fun of his competitors for years while they relied on advertising to promote their goods. Some of them invested $4,000 in advertising for each vehicle sold. Tesla said it uses its profits to enhance its goods rather than depending on advertising and endorsements. But given that the company recently boosted its manufacturing capacity, which forced them to rely on price reductions, this change may represent the company's new strategy to maintain demand. The CEO went on to say that it approaches content if the advertisements are both entertaining and educational. Musk thinks Tesla is capable of creating similar advertisements in the future that will also highlight a few of the business' less well-known characteristics to promote them.  

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