Adaptive Accessories by Microsoft for Disabled People are Quite in a Buzz Now

Adaptive Accessories by Microsoft for disabled people

On Tuesday, May 10, at its Ability Summit 2022, Microsoft introduced a new and unique line of Adaptive Accessories. These innovative accessories will help people who struggle with a typical keyboard and mouse due to disability. Additionally, the list includes – Adaptive Mouse, Adaptive Button, and the Adaptive Hub. 

Furthermore, Microsoft made all these Adaptive Accessories by working closely with community members to obtain the best products. The company aims to make it easier for people with disabilities to use apps on smart devices. 

Adaptive Mouse

It features three individual pieces – a central core, thumb support, and a mouse tail. Interestingly, users can attach the last two pieces to the core according to their requirement and need. For instance, users can attach larger grips to the core for an easier grasp. In addition, it will work superbly for left-handed or right-handed people too. Plus, the core can function as a standalone mouse. It can also connect wirelessly or through USB to three other devices. Additionally, it is compatible with custom 3D-printed tails if a user is not comfortable with the initial pieces.

Accessories by Microsoft for disabled people

Adaptive Button and Adaptive Hub

Users can use both of these Adaptive Accessories together as an alternate keyboard. Furthermore, the Button is programmable to eight different inputs, from keystrokes to macros. Most importantly, users can remove and change the top of the Button according to their choice. They can switch between a D-pad, joystick, or dual-button setup besides the base top. Additionally, like a traditional mouse, Button is compatible with custom 3D-printed tops.

Additionally, almost four different Buttons can connect to the Adaptive Hub wirelessly. And the Hub also possesses three separate profiles for other devices. In addition, it consists of several 3.5mm inputs for connecting wired accessories. Unfortunately, even though the Adaptive Accessories lineup will likely launch in Fall 2022, Microsoft did not reveal its costs. 

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