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Affordable and Versatile: IKEA’s New Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

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Affordable and Versatile: IKEA’s New Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker-GadgetAny

source: Yahoo News Singapore

Swedish furniture retail giant IKEA has added a new waterproof Bluetooth speaker to its Vappeby lineup, designed specifically for use in the shower. Priced at a mere $15, the new speaker is incredibly affordable, even undercutting many of the cheapest no-name alternatives in the market. According to Stjepan Begic, the product design developer, the aim of the new speaker was to offer quality sound in a versatile product that can be used anywhere.

The speaker is silicone-coated, measuring only three inches square by two inches thick, making it incredibly compact and portable. It comes with a lanyard-style cord, making it easy to hang in the shower or carry around. Available in yellow, black, or red, the speaker can also be used as a stereo pair if you purchase another unit for an additional $15. With a 50 percent volume, the speaker offers a surprising 80 hours of battery life, and has an IP67 rating for water and dust resistance.

source: Gizchina

IKEA introduced its Vappeby lineup with an outdoor LED lamp that doubles as a Spotify-enabled Bluetooth speaker, boasting an IP65 dust/splash rating and 360-degree sound delivery. The retail giant also offers the Symfonisk lineup of Sonos speakers, which includes a bookshelf speaker, a floor lamp/speaker, and a wall art/speaker combination.

While the new Vappeby waterproof model lacks a USB-C charger, it remains a great deal, given its shower-friendly design, low price, and long battery life. However, one should not expect high-quality sound. The speaker is currently available for purchase at IKEA stores.

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