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After being suspended by the Nets for his refusal, Kyrie Irving finally issues an apology.

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An indefinite suspension, a warning from the Anti-Defamation League, two press conferences, and a week of public pressure were all it took for Kyrie Irving to issue an apology. The Nets point guard finally issued an apology for retweeting an anti-Semitic movie on his Instagram account after receiving a barrage of criticism on Thursday following Irving's awkward press conference, though he did continue to indicate he agrees with some of the arguments expressed in the movie.
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“While doing research on YHWH, I posted a Documentary that contained some false anti-Semitic statements, narratives, and language that were untrue and offensive to the Jewish Race/Religion, and I take full accountability and responsibility for my actions,” Irving wrote. “I am grateful to have a big platform, to share knowledge and I want to move forward by having an open dialogue to learn more and grow from this"
Bishop Talbert Swan also wrote a tweet about Kyrie Irving.  He wrote "If Kyrie Irving needs to apologize for sharing a documentary, how many television/newspaper/media executives, producers, etc. need to apologize for the false, racist, stereotypical, depictions of Black people across all media outlets that have led to violence and marginalization?"
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The Nets suspended Irving indefinitely and for a minimum of five games after he failed to express regret at a press conference on Thursday, just a few hours before he offered one. In a second interview with reporters following his retweet of the documentary, Irving refused to express regret and dodged questions about whether he held anti-Semitic views or thought the Holocaust actually occurred. Anti-Defamation League's CEO Jonathan Greenblatt refused Irving's offer of a $500,000 donation.

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