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After Integration of ChatGPT with Bing Chat, OpenAI Gains Access to the Data from Bing Search Engine

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Image credit : ABC News Microsoft said on Tuesday that OpenAI is enhancing its ChatGPT chatbot with the use of data from the Bing search engine. The chatbot uses Bing data to give customers real-time information, but at initially, you'll need to purchase ChatGPT Plus, which has a monthly fee, in order to use it. According to an interview with Microsoft's marketing director for consumer products, Yusuf Mehdi, the agreement enables ChatGPT to base its responses on Bing search information from current websites. "They get to ground the answers. That will improve the relevancy. It will also make the answers more timely," Mehdi said. "The second thing is they can now use citations, so when they have answers, they can point to links where people want to learn more." [caption id="attachment_170224" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]GPT-4 Image credit : Computerworld[/caption] At the firm's Microsoft Build developer conference, which was hosted in Seattle on Tuesday, the business showcased the union of Bing and ChatGPT. It's not wholly novel. Although this modification wasn't made public at the time, in March ChatGPT Plus subscribers had access to a "experimental model" that used Bing to search the internet for more recent information than was previously possible. The launch of ChatGPT Plus earlier this year costs $20 a month for users. At first, the new Bing-infused chatbot will only be available to ChatGPT Plus subscribers. But Microsoft assured users of the free chatbot version that they would ultimately receive it. That particular version only currently retrieves data up until September 2021. To add Bing to ChatGPT, users of the free product will need to enable a plugin. Also read : AI answers are being added to search results by Bing Microsoft's Edge web browser and Bing search engine already have AI. Microsoft has said that it has started integrating an AI conversation interface directly into Windows, its most significant software offering. In June, the business will start testing the program, which is dubbed Windows Copilot. It will carry out activities including summarizing documents, recommending music, providing PC tech help, and responding to queries you could make to an AI chatbot or search engine.

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