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After iOS 16.5 update iPhone users face fast battery drain issue due to this reason

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Image credit : Macworld On May 18, Apple's newest version of iOS, iOS 16.5, became available to download. However, many iPhone owners are experiencing an irritating battery issue as a result of the ostensibly helpful upgrade. One of the several concerns made to social media in recent days is that iOS 16.5 is "deadly for the battery," with consumers experiencing a faster-than-normal battery loss after installing the update on their iPhones. The severity of the problem seems to vary from case to case, but charging times also appear to be slower than usual, with some unlucky souls complaining that it takes their iPhones almost three hours (three hours!) to charge completely. Yikes. This uncomfortable battery blip is perfectly normal, which is excellent news. Phones frequently need to reindex data and calibrate their battery settings after major operating system (OS) updates from Apple or any other software provider, which causes battery loss to be faster. Importantly, though, this quicker discharge is only temporary and should go away within a few days. In addition to this recalibration, new OS updates frequently result in a flood of app-specific updates, which further tax the battery life of your iPhone. But this drain goes away once these apps have been updated for the most recent iOS version. [caption id="attachment_176640" align="aligncenter" width="1600"]iPhone battery drain Image credit : Macworld[/caption] The likelihood is that your iPhone is suffering an iOS 16.5-related hangover, and there won't be any long-term effects to be concerned about. After a few more days, if you're still worried about the battery health of your phone, go to Settings, Battery, then Battery Health to look for any official battery warnings. Regarding the enhancements iOS 16.5 makes to your iPhone, Apple's most recent update closes a sinister security flaw that lets anyone access your contacts list from the lock screen (a problem that presumably developed as a result of the company's decision to enhance lock screen customization in iOS 16 proper). Also read : How to reduce MacBook battery drain by using this app? Since similar flaws relating to access to Messages and the Wallet app through the iPhone lock screen were patched in earlier versions of iOS 16, iOS 16.5 appears to have addressed the last security issue in this particular set. Along with a dedicated Sports category in Apple News, the new update also includes a number of Pride celebration lock screen wallpapers. With score cards now directing you directly to game pages, the latter offers simpler access to news, scores, and standings for the teams and leagues you follow. With regard to Spotlight, CarPlay, and Screen Time, iOS 16.5 fixes a number of problems. You may check the complete list of updates on Apple's specific iOS 16.5 release notes page.

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