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After the discovery of a 22-year-old woman's body parts in a suitcase, police search for her missing lover.

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CITY OF NEW YORK, BROOKLYN: According to a breaking news report from New York, the body recovered in two suitcases in an apartment in Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, is thought to be that of a 22-year-old woman. The finding was made thanks to a report of a missing tenant and a "foul odour" coming from the property. On Wednesday, September 21, in the late afternoon, the body was discovered on the sixth floor of the ten-story structure. The woman apparently had a protection order in place against the boyfriend, valid until the end of the month The apartment's purported occasional resident, the woman's 23-year-old boyfriend, barred a security guard from entering the home. The security guard witnessed the boyfriend and another man smuggle away a suspected bag of evidence when he went back downstairs to notify the police. When the guard went back upstairs to the apartment, he discovered a butcher cleaver in the kitchen and two suitcases containing the woman's remains in the bathroom. The boyfriend is currently being sought after by detectives. Evidently, the woman had a protection order against him that was still in effect at the end of the month. He had already disregarded the prohibition by showing up at her house despite it. A foul order was reported in a residence on the sixth floor at 315 Linwood Street in East New York at around 1.30 pm, according to reports. There was apparently "a substantial amount of blood" found, and authorities claimed they are looking into it. A neighbour remembers the victim as a young girl who had not yet lived, and friends describe her as kind and modest. When the facility for cheap housing first started operating two years ago, she moved in. The woman and her boyfriend were reportedly fighting just two weeks ago, according to the woman's neighbours. Everyone is in disbelief after the horrific event. According to neighbour Lindsey Vena, "To be quite honest, this is hardly the best part of town, but this is outrageous. utterly outrageous I'm afraid to even be in this area. I'm merely ill." Added she, "It's frightening. I live here with my family, and it's kind of evil to know that someone is carrying out these actions near where you sleep at night." A medical examiner will soon identify the cause of death; the investigation is still open and ongoing.

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