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After updating to watchOS 9.5, a green or grey display tint problem appeared on the Apple Watch display.

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Image credit : MacRumors Some Apple Watch owners report that their display has a fresh green tint discoloration since last week's release of watchOS 9.5. These users' images on Reddit demonstrate Apple Watch screens that have noticeably altered color profiles than before, swapping out the standard OLED black levels for a more washed-out green/gray hue. Users of the Apple Watch who are impacted by this bug have posted complaints about it on Reddit and the MacRumors forums. Users with Apple Watch Series 8 or before have reported the vast majority of issues, indicating that the Apple Watch Ultra is not affected. [caption id="attachment_175619" align="aligncenter" width="1500"]apple-watch-green Image credit : 9To5Mac[/caption] Additionally, it seems that every person has a different issue. Some customers have noticed a clear and obvious green tinge on the Apple Watch display. However, other customers see a far more minor adjustment to the color tone of their Apple Watch display. Some users claim that while the Apple Watch display is unquestionably lighter than it was before watchOS 9.5 was installed, it is not exactly "green." Some Apple Watch users on Reddit hypothesize that although Apple made this adjustment on purpose, it may have gone too far in some instances. Given how vast the differences between each Apple Watch appear to be, this seems improbable.
My guess is it’s supposed to happen. Maybe they updated it to look like you’re looking through frosted glass whenever you pull down or swipe up, since your face remains blurred in the background. It was already blurred before so maybe they thought it looked better this way.
Users claim that areas like the control center, notification center, and the passcode unlock screen are where the new green hue is most noticeable. The OLED display technology used by the Apple Watch allows for nearly pure black display color. As a result, a shift in the color profile like this one stands out even more because what was formerly absolutely black now resembles grey or green. [caption id="attachment_175616" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]watchOS 9.5 Image credit : AppleInsider[/caption] The Apple Watch's background blur effect is most likely the problem in this case. This would explain why the problem is much more obvious in areas like the notification center and control center, where there is a tiny blur that hides your watch face in the backdrop. Over the years, other iPhone models, including the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 12, have experienced comparable "Greengate" issues. Also read : Apple watchOS 10: Notable Changes Coming, New Design, UI Widgets We anticipate Apple to deliver watchOS 9.5.1 soon, supposing it can fix these Apple Watch display problems with a software upgrade. Additionally, an issue that affects compatibility with Apple's Lightning to USB 3 adaptor is present in iOS 16.5 and has to be rectified.

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