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AI answers are being added to search results by Bing

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Photo Credit: Bleeping Computers Bing Chat, an AI chatbot built on ChatGPT by Microsoft, offers an alternative method for looking up information online. AI replies and conventional search results are combined now. For some standard web searches, Bing is currently placing responses from Bing Chat, or "the new Bing," at the top of the results. The modification was discovered by Bleeping Computer when conducting a search for "winver," and it also functions for other queries like "what is config.sys." It appears that Microsoft is pre-caching answers to popular queries for inclusion in web search results because the responses, unlike answers in Chat mode, display right away. The adjustment may still be limited for the time being since it is unclear when it really began to roll out. Stanford student cracks Microsoft's AI-powered Bing Chat secrets twice: Details | Mint Photo Credit: Mint The sources for the solution are listed in the Bing AI popup, but the source links are significantly more sparse than in conventional search results. There are also buttons for asking follow-up questions and a general message bar, both of which send you to the Bing Chat interface, if you're logged in with a Microsoft account signed up for the new Bing. You receive the same AI-generated response minus the extra elements if you are not enrolled into a Microsoft account, along with source links. Right now, it doesn't seem like a good idea to give AI-generated responses precedence over regular search results and information cards. For starters, Bing Chat and other generative AI technologies continue to make mistakes frequently because they are unable to "think" like humans can. The comprehensive information in the preview card also deters consumers from clicking the source links, which could result in less income for the websites that originally made Bing Chat possible. Also Read: The Rise of ChatGPT and Its Impact on Google However, Bing Chat is moving forward thanks to constant additions of new features and upgrades from Microsoft. Early in March, Bing reached a new high of 100 million daily active users, thanks in part to the new AI features.

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