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AI could detect breast cancer more effectively than doctors : Study reveals

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Image Credit : STAT News A number of hospitals around the world are experimenting with AI to assist doctors diagnose breast cancer as part of the ever-expanding wave of artificial intelligence technologies. According to the New York Times, Hungary has been one of the biggest and earliest users of the technology, with at least five hospitals or clinics using AI systems since 2021 and doing hundreds of breast cancer scans annually. According to the Times, doctors in England, Scotland, and Finland are now experimenting with the technology after learning how well AI can identify cancer in Hungarian clinics. The system was proven to be just as effective as a human radiologist, if not more so, in a research released last year that examined an AI program's capacity to spot breast cancer in 250,000 scans. It was also found to be able to interpret scans more quickly overall. The study came to the conclusion that applying technology to the medical industry could lessen the strain of radiologists by having an automated system that can swiftly and accurately provide a second opinion. Since existing artificial intelligence systems are becoming increasingly capable of more complex tasks, businesses have been creating such programs for years. Insider has previously revealed on Google-created software that, in 2020, was already capable of occasionally outperforming doctors. According to a doctor who talked with the Times, AI technologies could assist reduce human error brought on by exhaustion, as radiologists may overlook cancer that poses a serious threat to their lives while working long shifts. Another radiologist told the Times that he was astounded by how accurate the AI programs were after giving the software some of the most challenging cases of his career, including instances in which other radiologists had missed cancer signs in a scan, and the programs correctly identified the cancer every time. However, a number of medical professionals and AI experts told the Times that medical professionals will never be replaced by AI technology; rather, it will be used to supplement care, for instance, by having one or two doctors review scans to check for cancer and then using an AI system to confirm any errors they might have made.
"An AI-plus-doctor should replace doctor alone, but an AI should not replace the doctor," Peter Kecskemethy, a computer scientist and cofounder of a company that develops the AI programs assisting doctors, told the Times.

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