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AI could replace up to 80% jobs, expert analyzes

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Image credit : Giant Freakin Robot Up to 8 out of 10 jobs could be replaced by artificial intelligence, according to an expert, "in the next few years." In a recent interview with AFP, researcher Ben Goertzel, the founder and CEO of SingularityNET, stated that he does not see artificial intelligence (AI) as a danger to jobs, but rather as a benefit. Additionally, he stated that he opposed plans to temporarily halt ChatGPT, arguing that false information distributed on the platform is no different from that spread online. “You could probably obsolete maybe 80 percent of jobs that people do, without having an AGI, by my guess,” he said. “Not with ChatGPT exactly as a product. But with systems of that nature, which are going to follow in the next few years.” “I don’t think it’s a threat. I think it’s a benefit. People can find better things to do with their life than work for a living,” he added. [caption id="attachment_170853" align="aligncenter" width="800"]robot-warehouse Image credit : imeche.org[/caption] Additionally, he suggested that AI-driven robots, such as robot nurses, might be useful in some contexts where people want to be heard or have their queries answered. “In that case, you’re not eliminating human jobs. Because basically, there’s not enough people who want to do nursing and nursing assistant jobs,” he said. With the introduction of new AI features by tech behemoths like Microsoft and Google, ChatGPT and other emerging AI platforms have been increasingly popular in recent months. On Tuesday, IBM unveiled its newest artificial intelligence initiative, offering a wide range of tools that will enable businesses "to train, tune, and deploy AI models." Also read : Amid the rise of AI some jobs may still remain safe In a recent interview, IBM CEO Arvind Krishna also stated that he anticipates AI will replace around 7,800 workers at IBM, or about 30% of all positions. The deployment of large language models can have an impact on at least 10% of the work in 80% of jobs, according to recent studies.

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