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AI Drone: A Racing Quadcopter Has Beaten Other Drone In Racing

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image credit - npr.org A flight that is fully on its own In the new sport of first-person view (FPV) drone racing, AI has flown a drone around a track faster than a human driver. Swift is an AI that was made by researchers in Switzerland. The top racers had difficulty keeping up with the AI flying machine when they wore headsets linked to a camera on their drone. It has won several races against human winners and set the fastest time on a set track.

Victories Of AI Drone Swift

Swift was made by researchers at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. It beat some of the best drone drivers in the world 15 times out of 25 races. Swift also had the fastest lap time while going over obstacles at up to 62 mph (100 kph). It showed people how to do it. 

What Does Team Say About AI Quadcopter?

  • In a video posted on Thursday, the team said, "All of this was done with just an onboard computer, a single camera, and an inertial sensor."
  • Davide Scaramuzza, head of the Robotics and Perception Group at the University of Zurich, said, "Physical sports are harder for AI because they are less predictable than board or video games." "We don't know everything about the drone and environment models, so the AI needs to learn them by interacting with the real world."
  • The team says on its website, "Its integrated inertial measurement unit measures acceleration and speed, and an artificial neural network uses data from the camera to figure out where the drone is in space and find the gates along the racetrack." "This information is sent to a control unit, which is also based on a deep neural network and chooses the best action to finish the circuit as quickly as possible."
Also read - Take Your Drone Videos to the Next Level with These 5 Simple Tips The team noted that until recently, self-piloted drones took twice as long as human-piloted drones to fly around a racetrack unless they were linked to an external position-tracking system to make a more precise flight path. On the other hand, Swift is in a league of its own. It reacts in real-time to data received by an onboard camera similar to the ones used by human racers. [caption id="attachment_192359" align="aligncenter" width="800"]AI droine image credit - npr.org[/caption]

How Did They Train And Test Swift?

Swift's training began in a simulated setting to avoid destroying many drones. When the software was good enough, it was improved by using a real machine to fly it. When it was ready, it went up against Alex Vanover, who won the 2019 Drone Racing League, Thomas Bitmatta, who won the 2019 MultiGP Drone Racing, and Marvin Schaepper, who has won three Swiss championships. The runway was 25 meters by 25 meters, and there were seven square gates that had to be gone through in the right order for a lap to be complete. In the contest, there were also tricky moves like the Split-S, which is an acrobatic move that includes half-rolling the drone and doing a full-speed half-loop while it is falling. Also read - How AI Can Make Your Drone Fly Safer and More Efficient in Tough Conditions Swift had the fastest lap, but the human pilots were more flexible than the self-piloting drone, which had trouble when the conditions were different from what it had been trained for, like when there were more lights on the course. The team said that its research isn't just about using a robot drone to beat professional drone racers. They said that since battery life limits flight time, flying autonomous machines faster makes them more useful for things like search and rescue missions, forest monitoring, and even space exploration. AI-powered software has been able to beat people at games like chess and Go for a long time, but Swift's success in drone racing is thought to be a first in the world.

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