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AI is poised to unlock the advanced human potential

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Image credit : YouTube (Inventions World) Nowadays, there is a lot of scaremongering in the artificial intelligence (AI) industry, particularly as ChatGPT, Google's Bard, and Stability AI become wildly popular. Many believe that these AI models, including conversational, generative, and other types, will significantly alter how we live and work. Although 37% of Americans worry about AI destroying the world and taking our jobs, this may be true. AI will liberate humanity from repetitive mental labor, open up new career opportunities, and unleash people's creativity if we can accept it. This enormous technological advancement will significantly contribute to the advancement of humanity and the expansion of our economies.

Change the way you think about AI

What the steam engine was to the human body, AI is to the human mind. Inventions like the steam engine caused people to worry that they might become obsolete. Instead, it vastly improved productivity, the availability of manufacturing jobs, wages, and in essence expanded the middle class. We are stronger when humans and machines work together. According to research, up to 90% of today's workers perform routine, frequently dull duties. AI has the potential to liberate us from pointless labor and increase our productivity. No successful technology we have created has ever failed to make people stronger. We move more quickly thanks to the invention of the car (which also keeps us dry when it rains). We can communicate at the speed of light over thousands of miles with the help of a cell phone. Today, Google's auto-correct is used by 93% of Americans. This pioneering AI tool has greatly helped my English as a non-native speaker and strengthened me. On the same lines, AI advancements are going to unlock a whole new world for the human race. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said it best at the 2018 World Economic Forum: “AI is probably the most important thing humanity has ever worked on. I think of it as something more profound than electricity or fire.”

AI and the future of work

A "middle person" has traditionally existed in every professional setting. I'm currently considering the business that took the call and sent a taxi. These days, you can connect directly with drivers via Uber and Lyft. To establish themselves in the profession, actors and singers had to go to countless auditions. Today, anyone can use platforms like YouTube or TikTok to gain notoriety without going through the formal application process. The same can apply to NFTs - would we still visit all of these art museums and galleries in the future? [caption id="attachment_168074" align="aligncenter" width="960"]AI Image credit : Yahoo Finance[/caption] All of these instances support my claim that modern technology will only enable the typical American to achieve greater heights. It will give us professional superpowers. Also read : With a 25% increase in production, Apple India will rely less on China According to Dell Technologies, 85% of the occupations in 2030 won't even exist yet. This necessitates a change in strategy for firms and our current workforce, as observed by Deloitte. Meaning that we must get the necessary abilities to master technology like AI if we want to be flexible, competitive, and prepared for future employment. The advantages of these technologies in boosting production, efficiency, and profitability are acknowledged by innovators.

By Awanish Kumar

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