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AI-powered Ella pram offers an “almost nanny-seeming experience”

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AI-powered Ella pram offers an “almost nanny-seeming experience”-GadgetAny
Ella Pram Nanny

At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Vancouver firm Glüxkind Technologies introduced a baby stroller that employs artificial intelligence to push and rock itself.

The Ella stroller is battery-powered and equipped with artificial intelligence (AI), although it has the same size as a conventional stroller and a reversible seat.

Despite the weight of a fully loaded pram, this enables it to provide adaptable push and break assistance, making both uphill and downhill travels for parents and childminders easier.

Additionally, the gadget has a rock-my-baby mode that can be triggered when Ella is still in order to simulate the “soothing” effects of manual rocking without the effort, according to Glüxkind Technologies. The product also has built-in white noise playback.AI Ella Pram Nanny

If a parent or childminder wants to interact with the child while the pram is moving, Ella’s self-driving capabilities enable it to do so.

“[The product’s] innovations give parents almost a nanny-like experience,” Glüxkind Technologies explained.

Conceived in a neutral black and grey colorway, the pram is the startup’s debut product and was designed to make “gear for today’s families safer, more inclusive and convenient for all”.

The design was shown last week at the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), where it won first place in the CES Innovation Awards’ annual advanced mobility category.

Glüxkind Technologies was established in 2020 by Anne Hunger and Kevin Huang after they had their first kid and were looking for the best pram. The name of the company is derived from the German term glückskind, which means “fortunate child.”

Other projects on display at this year’s CES include a concept automobile from BMW that can switch between 32 different colors and a car from Honda and Sony that serves as a “moving entertainment zone.”

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