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AI vs Human: Several German publishers intend to replace journalists with AI

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AI Vs. Human: Some German Publishers Plan to Replace Journalists With AI. (Image credit- Tech Times) According to reports, German publications Bild and Die Welt have declared that they will be laying off some personnel as a result of the development of artificial intelligence. At Mobile World Congress (MWC), the largest annual event for the telecom sector, a visitor observes an AI (Artificial Intelligence) sign on an animated screen. German newspapers' attempts to increase revenue will likely result in job losses as a result of the widespread redundancy caused by automation and artificial intelligence (AI). There is evidence that AI has the ability to improve independent journalism. Popular AI techniques like ChatGPT can transform information and may soon be superior to human journalists at information aggregation. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="1200"]German publisher Axel Springer says journalists could be replaced by AI | Artificial  intelligence (AI) | The Guardian Image credit- The Guardian[/caption] This publication is not the first to use AI for content development. BuzzFeed made a plan to employ AI to improve their content and online quizzes public in January. Daily Mirror and Daily Express publishers from YK are also investigating AI with a dedicated working group that is concentrated on looking for potential AI tool limits. ChatGPT has attracted more than 100 million users since its 2022 launch. The technology can produce anything from essays and job applications to highly complex writings from straightforward user prompts. The system's responses have been questioned for their correctness, and an Australian scholar discovered instances where it had made up hyperlinks to websites and used false quotes. Also contentious has been the employment of AI in journalism. AI technology has been used by CNET to create stories, which human editors then check for correctness before publishing. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="2309"]Germany's biggest publisher warns AI could 'replace' journalism, HR News,  ETHRWorld Image credit- ETHRWorld[/caption] Following a revelation by Futurism that indicated more than half of the pieces generated through AI tools had to be altered for inaccuracies, the journal acknowledged the program's flaws in January. After a few days, Red Ventures, the company's parent, declared that the AI-generated articles at CNET and other sites, like Bankrate, will be temporarily halted—at least until the negative news stops. Also read: Google tests blocking news content in Canada in response to the Internet News Act According to a recent analysis by Futurism, CNET's AI has demonstrated significant structure and wording similarities to articles that have been published elsewhere without proper attribution. In other words, the stolen automated work of Red Ventures' rivals and real authors at Bankrate and CNET. The bots' mistakes include exact copying, little modification, and substantial rephrasing without giving due credit to the source.

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