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AI will takeover more female clerical jobs, ILO finds in a new study

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Image credit : LinkedIn With the rising fears of AI coming for our jobs, the International Labor Organization, or ILO released its new study on Monday that finds that the female workforce will be impacted much more than male workforce due to automation and AI. In countries with high-income slabs, 7.8% of job positions held by women hold higher the potential to be automated — which the ILO assesses to be around 21 million jobs. The ILO is a wing of the United Nations with a vision to ensure rights at work, promote decent job opportunities, foster social protection, and encourage dialogue at work, According to its About Us page. [caption id="attachment_191413" align="aligncenter" width="1718"]AI at Work Image credit : International Labor Organization[/caption] The ILO's recent study, "Generative AI and Jobs: A worldwide assessment of potential effects on employment opportunities," found that the advancement in automation and AI will have an impact "highly gendered," with women at higher risk of being replaced by AI as compared to men. According to the report, 48 million occupations, or 3.7% of all jobs held by women globally, are at risk of automation that may be equivalent to 48 million jobs. Only 2 million occupations, or 1.4% of all male jobs worldwide, are at risk of automation.  [caption id="attachment_191416" align="aligncenter" width="1440"]AI will replace women work Image credit : Euronews[/caption] Contrarily, in the same countries, 2.9% of the positions held by males, or roughly 9 million employment, are susceptible to automation. The ILO argues that because women hold higher representation in clerical employment, particularly in high and middle-income countries, they are more likely to be impacted by automation. The ILO also discovered that 58% of clerical tasks had a medium exposure to automation. As a result, lower-income countries will eventually prefer AI over human labor, even while the majority of clerical work in high-income countries may soon be automated.  Also read : YouTube joins hands with Universal Music Group to address AI music threat AI job takeover will not be limited to clerical work only as the study listed out that the Typists, travel consultants, scribes, contact center information clerks, bank tellers, and survey and market research interviewers are soon likely to go under automation.  To sum up, workers’ tasks are more likely to be replaced by automation & AI. However, key job positions like managers, professionals, and technicians will see less impact of automation. 

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